Thursday, March 31, 2011

Suck. It. Up.

I don't know about you guys, but going to the gym sometimes is a bitch. I mean, really. I don't get high all day just craving the gym time (ok sometimes I do, but it's definitely not every single day). Some other days, your couch looks appealing, the computer is tempting, the bag of chocolate calls you, you decide to study (?), clean up the house, organize your books... you just find every single excuse that's in the book to not go to the gym. Well, yesterday was one of those days. First, I started talking myself into not going "ok Lyvia, so if you take today off, you can run long runs on Saturday AND Sunday, isn't it much greater?". Then I realize "Sunday?, c'mon who am I kidding, not even I am that stupid". So I said to myself "fine I'll go, damn it". Then I realized I didn't have any clean clothes to go to the gym. Maybe I did, but I didn't have any of the ones I wanted at the moment; talking about making things hard hun. So coincidentally, I had dropped my dirty clothes at the laundry place earlier on, but I was sure they wouldn't have it done like on the same day. So I went there to pick it up, already knowing that they would tell me "sorry gal, tomorrow". When I got there, I saw my pile of clothes all clean and folded. Sigh. So I got them and came back home. I sat on the computer and my sister logged in, so I took the time to talk to her and said "oh well I don't have much time to talk to her, so I might as well take today off so we can have some girl time" and she said, like reading my mind "gotta go, I'm going to the mall". Darn it. I looked around, looking for any other excuse... didn't find it. So I sucked it up and went to the gym. I tried running (1K ha!), but every single step of it was painful. So I went to the stairmaster. Didn't last 5min. So I just went to do what I was supposed to do: lower body training. The very first set of exercise I have to confess it was like "oh God, why am I doing this again?, will I have to do this once a week for the rest of my life?, I can't live like this yadda yadda", you know the drill. So I started thinking about ya all, little bloggers, and how much I love reading your stories and how much I would much rather post about my great kick-ass workout than posting something lame about how I couldn't do it. So I did it. And you know what?, after the 2nd exercise, I was all in the groove of it. It lasted 1h and 55min of pure sweatiness. :)

I'll just share 2 meals I had yesterday because they were so darn good.

Pizza bread with cheese, tomato and oregano, plus a salad with spinach, ricotta cheese and oysters. 

Tortilla with unsalted cheese, banana, cinnamon and honey. Is never anything better than the smell of cinnamon while is cooking?

I've just got home from school... I had an Embryology class and the teacher is a Neurologist... it was so freaking awesome... the afternoon classes aren't obligatory (they're seminars) and there were SO much people... the room is gigantic, it's like a theater... and there were people sitting on the stairs, on the floor, standing up for 2 freaking hours just for this class that. isn't. obligatory. When I left I was so blown away... it reminded me how great you can be at anything you want if you really want it. :) 

Sadly I didn't have time to eat lunch, so I ate something quick and by the time I got home I was starving out of my mind. I cooked. Ate. Still hungry. Thank God the bread and the peanut butter are always here for me. I'm sorry, my dear stomach, that I didn't feed you well today. I promise you that it won't never happen again, k? :) Since yesterday I kicked ass with my lower body training, you can imagine how my ass is feeling today, right? And my legs are screaming... so I decided to switch up my rest day from Sunday to today... thank God I did that or I would end up wasting what could be a great workout day with a so-so one. So looking forward for a long run Sunday all the way to Chinatown to grab my sushi :) 

How often do you talk yourself out of things you're supposed to do?
Pretty often. This little head of mine has a life of its own and sometimes we need to have a talk moment between us. 

Aerobic or weight training?
I'm pretty into running at this point of my life (despite the fact that I'm a lame runner), but I must say... the weights and I are just all love. They kick my ass, they made me hurt, but they get me sweaty and high... isn't that what all girls want in the end? It reminds me of how much we put up with the crap that dudes sometimes have because of the chemistry... I guess it's the same thing here. (meaning: I'm a masochist). 

It's late, you're hungry, too tired to cook. What's that food that's always there for you at these moment?
PB sandwiches. <3


  1. Eu faço isso com estudar HAUHUAUAHA por enquanto não tô indo à academia :S

  2. I always remind myself that "you never regret a workout" and that usually does the trick! And as for the cleanse, I feel great! But really glad to have some flexibility back :-)

  3. @JC: Uai, mas voce tem planos ainda de ir à academia ou voce acha que a grana nao dah? Alias, com quanto voce vive ai por mes? :)

  4. @Laura: Great, GREAT advice, Laura! I've actually told myself that lots of times this week! haha :)


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