Saturday, March 19, 2011

Wine + the rest.

Ok, I promise you guys that the fotolog section will be over by Tuesday when my mom leaves... then ya all will have the old-self blog filled with random boring posts about struggling daily normal stuff :D

Yesterday and the day before we walked lots. I mean lots. I thought about going for a run in the morning, but I just couldn't feel my legs... so I thought, since my mom's here and all that, I would save some legs for here. It wasn't an easy decision, the weather was screaming my name, but I sucked it up. So we walked.

Argentina's version of the Obelisk.

A closer look.

An old theater that now it's a bookstore.

Then it was lunch. We stop at this restaurant that you just pay to get in and they have TONS of food and you can eat whatever you want. I love this place because they have a huge variety of seafood... 

I could def live out of this stuff. No kidding. Broccoli, green beans, squids, lobsters, oysters, cherry  tomatoes = an extremely happy tummy. 

Bye lobster.

Eggplants are a must <3

The famous "dulce de leche", homemade chocolate and cantaloupe. 

Yesterday was filled with more walking. I had to go to school to get some papers and then we headed for lunch. The place is called Broccolino. I totally recommend it. It's an italian restaurant and you're gonna have the very best homemade pasta and sauce you'll ever taste in your life! And besides, they have some killer bread. (what's up with me and bread?).

Bread and wine are almost anything I need to keep on living.

Homemade "tallarines" with squid's ink with seafood sauce. 

How all seafood should be eaten heh.

So leaving now to my old place to get some winter stuff I left there before going on vacation so I can take them to my new place. I've met my new roommate and she's awesome. Really excited :)
I also renewed my membership at the gym and the lady gave me 2 months free. That could have been the best thing that has happen to me this year. (so you would think that either my life is extremely boring or that I get excited way too easily). 

Can't wait to settle down and get my life on track again... :) 

Do you have any trips planned for this year?
If I can hold myself with the expenses, I'm planning on going backpacking around Europe by January... maybe I can use this as a motivation to finally save some money... (I always say that but then winter comes and with it comes all the cute boots and outfits that have me totally sold up). 

Do you give yourself some kind of excuse when you can't workout?
I have to, otherwise I would probably go insane. So if I can't at all, I will sit down with the little brain of mine and have a one on one kind of talk. Like today "look, you could run, you definitely could... but your mom is here just because of you so it would be much wiser to just hang out with her so you won't feel like your legs are exploding while she decides to walk for 5 hours straight, right? Right, k thanks, nice talking to ya."


  1. You must be relieved to like your new roommate! I had 6 different roomates one year... everyone's plans kept changing and my house had a revolving door, haha. It's hit or miss sometimes isn't it?!

    I have a trip planned for the last week of April :-) SO EXCITED!!

  2. Ainda bem que gostou da roommate né? :)) É aquela que você comentou comigo uma vez, que vive num ap parecido com o bristol??
    Tipo, cara, eu tenho 2 roommates né, dae um deles é muito chato, aff, e o outro é MEGA legal, a gente se deu SUPER bem, dae a gente descobriu HOJE que nós dois estamos odiando a casa kkkkkkkk dae tipo, acho que até meio do ano a gente vai dar um jeito de sair daqui e arranjar um lugar só nosso :D

  3. @Laura: I so am! The apartment I'm moving in is a little small, but I think my priority right now is a nice rommie instead of a huge place... I just HATE moving and it's just much easier when you can get along with the other person right? :)

  4. @JC: SIM! Eh aquele ap mesmo! Hoje fui lah levar as coisas e tudo mais... ainnn que otimo! Ela eh muito fofa, jah conheci a irma, o namorado da irma e ateh a mae dela hahaha :) OTEMO. Pelo menos to em um lugar com uma pessoa legal, 4 quadras da facu... I couldn't ask for more!
    Nossa mas voces vao gongar o guri lindamente assim? rs Por que ele eh chatooo? D:

  5. Great pics---I don't know how I'd feel about eating squid though!

    I have a few trips planned this year. It helps me deal with all the daily stuff to have something to look forward to!

  6. @Lisa: gaaaal! I've just seen this comment! LOL Thank God I came all the way down to check out my sister's comments haha sorry!


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