Thursday, March 24, 2011


So great to be getting back on track with my life! Summer vacation is FINALLY over (and I've never thought I would be happy to say that and here I am... I know, weird, right?). My new roommate and I are getting along reaaally great. My things are finally fitting into the apartment. School is 4 blocks away. Gym is 3. Big supermarket is half. Can life get any better? 

The best part of it is actually having something to wake up for. I really hate having nothing planned to do the whole day because I feel extremely unmotivated. I'm one of those people that need to always be doing something. I was finally able to get back on track again with my food after the long week enjoying tourist food with my mom. So lunch yesterday looked like this:

Spinach, broccoli, tuna and a 495804 grains homemade bread (not by me though, obviously, I'm probably a few generations away of being able to do that. Sorry future unknown husband). 

So my gym pass here allows me to go to any of their gyms I want (kinda like it used to be with New York Sports Club). Yesterday, I finally went to the gym that's close by. It's gigantic. I used to love my other gym, but it's really far away from where I'm living now. This one is sick. I'm so stoked! So yesterday is was lower-body weight training. If you know how it would feel if a horse was stepping on your butt and legs for 1h then you might have an idea of how I'm feeling right now. It's insane how much I'm able to kick my own butt during weight training. I just love it. I love it so much that yesterday I planned on doing it for 1h and when I realized it has passed 2h and the gym was almost closing. I decided I would list the workout I did yesterday so you guys know for sure I'm not lying... (not that I think that you would even consider the idea of doubting my super strength).

*Cable Reverse Lunge - weight: 33lbs / reps: 12 (2x).
*Leg Extension - weight: 44lbs / reps: 10 (2x). - one leg at a time.
*Good Morning - weight: (heavy barbell, no weights) / reps: 12 (2x).
*Leg Press - weight: 220lbs / reps: 12 (2x).
*Stability Ball Leg Curl - weight: (no weights) / reps: 12 (2x).
*Let Press (horizontal) - weight: 176lbs / reps: 12 (2x). - one leg at a time.
*Dumbbell Sumo Squat - weight: 44lbs / reps: 12 (2x).
*Dumbbell Forward Lunge - weight: 44lbs (each) / reps: 12 (2x).
*Barbell Romanian Deadlift - weight: heavy barbell, no weights) / reps: 12 (2x).
*Jumping trampoline - weight: 26lbs (each) / reps: 12 (2x).

Based on that, how about 2 horses? Ouch. Let me stand up while I type 'cause... you know. 

I think I forgot to have a snack yesterday afternoon... so I ate that awesome tuna for lunch, went to the gym and came back around 10pm starving out of my mind. I ate a whole plate filled with the legumes mix I bought yesterday. I'm pretty sure I got 398439493 grams of protein and that my muscles were happily being rebuilt, thank you. And of course there's no picture because we all know that I become a monster when I'm hungry and thinking is out of question.

Today's lunch was so yummy! I was really proud of myself (please note that it really doesn't take me much to be proud of myself in the kitchen, so don't get your hopes high). 

Spinach unsalted cheese omelet, broccoli and tomato. I really love unsalted cheese, I don't know why... and I'm not sure what's up with me and broccoli those days, but my body keeps craving large quantities of it for some reason, so we shall go green then.

For some unfamiliar reason, today and tomorrow is holiday in Buenos Aires, which means NO GYM. I mean, really? So I got Tino (my awesome new dog - sorry roommate) and went for a run. My legs were aching and each step was so painful that I could almost hear my muscles screaming. So I took it easy and just went with 6.8K. Tino is the best running partner ever! When I start to go slower he pulls me right back on track :) 

Don't mind the hair, really, I'm still those kinda kids who think that if they don't run they don't need to wash their hair. 

So we were like running without destination when we came up with a gigantic festival that was going right in the middle of downtown... not sure what it was, never heard of anything... but how would I? I don't ever watch TV and spend half of my time working out and the other half trying to understand how the cells do the miracle of life. No kidding. 

I think there was like 12 big screens showing whatever was going on all the way down there. 

Since I've just got home, I was in no mood for cooking anything at all, so dinner is being served right at this moment:

Really guys it can't get any better than this :)  Besides this bread has some compound extremely addicting, I'm telling you. One bite and it's over... it has oats, flaxseed, chia seeds, walnuts and some other stuff I have no idea what they are.

So it's passed 10pm and I still have tons to study. And my classes haven't even started... talking about wanting to get rich in the future... :)

What usually your body craves the most?
Right now broccoli. But sushi is a constant crave for like forever.

Do you do weight training? If you do, do you feel your muscles sore the day after? If not, what makes you feel soreness?
Running doesn't make me sore, but training... it doesn't matter for how long I've been religiously lifting... every single week I will still feel like someone bounced me forever.

Are you a big tv fan kind of person?
Gosh no. I do watch lots of shows (House, How I Met Your Mother, American Idol, Skins (UK, of course; sorry Skins US, you suck) etc), but I download everything and watch it on my computer, usually during some meal (only time I have, like... now d:). 


  1. My body craves salad every day! It's seriously my favorite meal!!

    No, I'm not a teacher. I work for an organization that promotes participation in sport, and one of the ways we do that is by exposing kids to different sports through daycamps.

    As for the cleanse, I'm not going to go back to exactly how I was eating before, but I'm not going to be quite as strict as the book is either. I think I'll end up somewhere inbetween. It wasn't my goal to make any long-term changes, just to see what the fuss was all about!

  2. awwwwwwwwwww, que lindo seu new puppy <3 eu sinto muita falta do meu cachorro! :(
    Aii, você tem grana né, aí sua vida é legal, eu nem sei se vai dar pra eu fazer academia :/ ahauhauhauhau
    Foda, viu

  3. @Laura: My body too! Well, more broccoli nowadays then any other veggie, but still lol.

    Oh great job! It must be tiring, but I bet it pays off! :)

    Hope you had a great experience with the cleanse... and also you must have learn tons not only about recipes, but about new better things that you could incorporate to your life, right? :)


    SOU POBRE POBRE NEM VEM, eu soh nao fico indo pra pit dog saaaaaaaaaaaaaabe rsss (6)

  5. Ou, quando você escreve embaixo da foto em itálico ae, não dá pra ler direito, fica feio :(

    sua porca, vai lavar o cabelo LOL
    queria esse cachorro pra mim <3

    TV é muito chato. A imagem da TV é feia, você já reparou? Pode ser TV HD e blablabla e a imagem é estranha. A Globo, por exemplo, parece que a filmadora deles é diferente da dos EUA, sabe? Parece que tem muita cor, não sei explicar, mas é MUITO diferente. Um filme brasileiro, por exemplo, a imagem é diferente de um filme americano. No Brasil, eles devem usar equipamentos MUITO diferentes, porque a diferença é IMENSA. Não sei se é a iluminação ou a direção de arte ou a filmadora mesmo, sei lá, sei que é pobre, entende? Tipo, quando tá passando JORNAL, a imagem é adequada igual a todos os outros jornais do mundo.. mas quando é novela, a imagem é diferente. Parece que eles permanecem com as configurações do jornal, AFF, VOCÊ ME ENTENDE?

  6. UAI VEI, eu fui passando as fotos aqui e eu consegui ler tudo :S Porque voce nao dah conta? D:


    Nossa que analise social da tv que vc fez kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk eu nunca nem tinha reparado isso, a ultima vez que eu vi tv foi a copa do mundo HUAUHAHUAHUAHUAHUAHUUHAUH


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