Friday, March 04, 2011

Make it your own!

Today, I woke up with my friend João Carlos popping out of nowhere into my room. So we hang. watched Skins, cooked lunch (he managed to burn all the rice somehow lol) and then my lil cousin got here. So we gathered together to watch yesterday's American Idol's episode (we always need to wait 'till the next day to watch it here, it's a pain in the butt).

My sister and I made our predictions for top 10 and we got them right. Awesome. :)

Rice and beef are her favorites. Go figure... 

Basically, it was just a chill day... I might have finished a whole season of 6teen.

Papaya with old-fashioned uncooked oats? My new fav. I like oats so much that I randomly throw it into everything I'm eating :D

Oh and this friend of mine (João Carlos) saw my yesterday's post and got so jealous of my beautiful cake that he HAD to go and get him one too. 

Mine looks soo much better, c'mon! 

Am I like starting a trending or something? (ok guys he actually dared me to post this on my blog, k?)

So workout... 20min elliptical at 16 to warm up, 1:45min lower body weights and 20min cycling to cool down (and to use those fatty acids from the weight training for energy :) ). Great to get back on track after yesterday's news that almost gave me a heart attack. 

Oh I gave totally in into the chocolate milk post-workout drink. I've been reading about it in a bunch of different medical pages but I was actually not willing to try for a bunch of reasons... First, I'm definitely not a big milk drinker... I might have not drank milk since I was 2! (my mom wanted me to start drinking milk in a "big girl's cup"but i didn't want to so I just stoppped). Second, I thought it was some kind of scam from some milk brand of something like that... but I started reading about it in a bunch of my fav sports medicine papers, so I had to try. But of course I made it my way :) 

Most of the pages say for you to just buy the normal chocolate milk carton in the market and then drink it. I actually got a 0% milk and blended with banana and granola - I got this really cool granola made with oats, soy and cocoa. So you can imagine how good it turned out to be. :)

So my cousin and sister are already sleeping and tomorrow we gotta get up early to go to my aunt's house so I better check out too. Have a great one :D 

PS: Thanks J. Carlos for the message you've left me on my New Post's blank page lol. 

"bye bye, chica :)
joao carlos"


Milk, dark or white chocolate?
Definitely white for me. I know it's not "real" chocolate, but what I can do?, it's tastes so good!

Last movie you guys watched in the big screen?
I'm ashamed to say it was Toy Story 3 (by the way, best animation ever?)... I've been downloading all the movies I'm watching recently and going to theaters only to see 3D. Sorry, Academy.


  1. Sounds like a good day!
    I am so not on board with the dairy thing---I know, I've read all those recommendations for dairy...but I can't bring myself to drink it!

    I love dark chocolate. A lot. It doesn't even taste good, but it's like a drug or something!
    I took my nephew to see Yogi Bear at the movies recently...totally not what I would choose, but he loved it!

  2. White chocolate, no question!! I wish you could buy white chocolate M&Ms or white chocolate Mini Eggs...

  3. I didn't like dark chocolate when I was younger AT ALL. Now, despite of all my love for white chocolate, when given a change to choose, I'll pick dark chocolate, 'cause, somehow, I've conditioned my brain to like something better 'cause it's healthier lol.


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