Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Don't cry for me, Argentinaaaa!

Hola chicos! :)  Finally in Argentina! It's good to be home! (well it's not my real home but since I'm living here, so I feel like my home is here :) ). Yesterday, it was just insane... I woke up at 7am (I know, right?) to try to squeeze in a little run before the 3083403 hours I knew I was gonna have to be seated on the plane... Thank God I did that, a little 4.5 miles to get back in the mood. We left Goiânia (my city) on time...

I should get payed to travel. 

Then we had to wait 2 hours in Sao Paulo to finally get in the plane to Argentina... 

Moms and I :)

So we finally got here. Fall is definitely hitting in and it's that nice perfect weather to RUN :)  So this morning, I woke up at 7am again to run 4 miles around the area just to get back on track with weather, location and all that. We walked the whole morning to resolve my pending stuff (books for school, apartment etc). For lunch, my mom was DYING to have argentinian meat. I was dying for sushi, but the place I wanted to go was a little far, so I had to gave up on my deepest passion to please the cow eater here d: 

Grilled ribs, chicken and provolone cheese. You can imagine which ones I totally gave into. 

Leftovers anyone? 

Wine and french fries. Because we can. 

After lunch, we walked again around downtown area.

Don't bother the purple mouth... it's wine, I'm not a smoker!

Definitely on my to-do list of cool places I need to go! :) 

My mom then totally crashed at the hotel (wine!) and now we're chilling here and deciding what to do... I still can't think of food so not sure what we're gonna do... tomorrow is gonna be all about paying my gym (which I haven't done since last December), buying the rest of the books, going to Chinatown and stuff like that. Get ready for pics!!!

How do you guys manage your workouts on vacation?
I definitely have an issue with that. It takes me weeks to get used to a new place and that alone usually screws my workouts. 

Have you ever eaten so much at lunch that you were only able to eat again on the next day?
Like... today. :D


  1. You're such a pretty lady :)

    I'm lovin' your free spirit and interesting life updates...
    Have fun at the gym!!! It's hard to get back into it sometimes, but you'll find it worth it, right?

    I'm horrendous at working out on vacation. I need to work on that :)
    I've totally super overeaten at lunch---then I'm angry because I can't eat dinner (and I love to eat!).

  2. Awwww, it looks like you and your Mom are having so much fun! Congrats on the early morning run and here's to many more in your future!!

    I think for me, it depends on the vacation. If I'm in a hotel, I always make time to work out. But if I'm staying with family, it's harder to squeeze it in around their schedule... you can only do so much right?

  3. Love the looks of that lunch- makes me crave ribs.. wine... and fries!
    I most certainly have eaten a big enough lunch to carry me over until the next day, you are not alone!
    Typically my vacations are very active so if I don't manage to "work out" I don't stress.

  4. @Thanks Lisa! You're pretty beautiful yourself! :)

  5. Thanks guys! And here I was, thinking that I was the only person on the planet that couldn't schedule a workout time on vacation! lol


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