Wednesday, March 09, 2011

The joys of a tropical country.

I'm then officially nervous. In 5 days I need to head back to Buenos Aires and continue with Med school. But now the hard part is gonna start. Anatomy, Histology, Mental Health... it doesn't look like it's a whole lot, but believe me, it IS. And they're all annual, so it means that if I fail one of them, I need to redo a whole year again! Uh, I'm starting to freak out out of my mind! I've always had an issue of suffering for something before it actually happens. I don't know, my mind might think that it makes the real thing more manageable, but my sane being just thinks it's suffering 2 times for only one thing. Lame is the name of it. 

Anyway, let's talk about food. Yesterday, as I said, I had 2 aunts cooking... couldn't be better.

Chicken sausage, avocado and a colorful salad.

Rice and beans (you are not in Brazil if you don't eat them every day), some chicken crumbs and a vegetable called scarlet eggplant or gilo

I just LOVE rainbow plates like this :) 

Ended up in bed late yesterday trying to finish the book Mind Gym I've been dying to finish, but 6teen keeps getting on my way of living. It might be a serious illness, don't try watching it unless you're sure you don't have a mental age of a teenager. 

Today, the family got together and we decided to just eat out. It's an awesome restaurant called Chão Nativo. They serve regional food from a brazilian state called Goiás (which is where I am right now)... it's known as comida goiana. It's SO delicious... that reminded me how much I've hated living in the US where the good restaurants were way too expensive and they barely had what is the most common thing in the world here: you have tons of options of food, you choose it, weight it and that's it :)  

Since their expertise is regional vegetables, I went vegetarian for a meal. My body seemed to have like it, but after 1h I was starving out of my little mind and kept on eating the whole day. 

We got lost on our conversation and when I realized I was starving again. Sorry guys I can't fake a happy face if I'm hungry. No can do. 

The other side of the table :)

Fresh squeezed orange/strawberry juice. Basically, in Brazil, you can ask them to mix any fruit juice you want. Like orange/carrots/papaya, strawberry/apple, açaí/strawberry... the joy of the tropical country... :)

I'm really really pmsing today as I was sleepy and zombing around with that weird face all day (that also explains why I was so darn hungry!). I had to really try hard to get my butt out of my nap (which I NEVER take!) and go to the gym, Workout was speed training. Harsh! 4x 500m sprints... by the last one, I really thought my lungs were just gonna walk away and quit the job, but I did it. And it felt GREAT! So I took advantage of my good mood and did some 25min cycling. :)

Dinner: Turkey, egg, tomato and cottage cheese sandwich on a flaxseed, whole wheat, yogurt, carrots bread and broccoli on the side with flaxseed on top of it. 


What has made you crack up recently?

Ok so my girl friend is in Buenos Aires and she has just sent me a message saying she got on the same bus with the guy I was dating before vacation started. I mean, I was. Actually, I really was until she sent me the message saying he was even hotter than she remembered and that I should start working on a killer plan if I still wanna get him, 'cause he was just the kind that every single girl he walked by out just stop and stare at him. Great. Talking about a girl with a challenge. (I thought about uploading a picture of him here, but first, I don't have a picture with him, so I would have to put a picture of him by himself - which would be already lame - AND I of course I have him on my fb and there's a link to my blog on my profile page... you know he might stalk my profile to see what I'm up to all the time or something like that... wait, that's me). 

Are you single? Married? In a relationship? It's complicated? For how long?

I was last year for about 5 months, but then it ended in October... at the exact same date I broke up with my ex-bf, I went to this really cool saloon with my girl friend and I met the guy I was talking about. Talking about destine here. 


  1. I LOVE your rainbow plate. It looks like your 2 aunts are pretty amazing cooks!

    I've been with my BF over 4 years now... time flies!!

  2. Don't freak out about school! It always seems overwhelming like that when you are just scheduling it and looking forward at it---those are tough classes, but you'll kick butt!
    I know that hungry feeling you had---and once you start eating you can't stop!

    Boys are trouble :)
    My nephew (he's 7) always tells me that girls are trouble, but I really think it's the other way around!
    Well...but I still have one in my life. We've been together 2.5 years, and we're planning to get married but not in a rush for that. Totally into destiny---I knew I'd marry this guy during our first date :)

    Love your posts!

  3. @Laura: wow! 4 years is a hell of a long time! You guys look like a really cool couple :)

  4. @Lisa: Getting married must be a pretty big step!!! I can't even imagine how far I still am from that!


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