Thursday, December 29, 2011

Me, myself and the many other sides of me.

I'm a weirdo, I know. I have so many sides of myself and want so bad to keep them all that sometimes people just don't get it. And I know because I don't get it either. I've changed so much and learned a lot this past 5 years. I'm still young, but I've lived alone in 3 countries so far and have wild plans for the future. I just get bored easily and like to change things up. Going to med school was probably the most "stable" decision I've made my whole life, because it's gonna make me stay still for at least 5 more years. It scared the hell outta me just the thought of being stuck in the same place for that long, but I guess it's for a greater cause. Meanwhile, I've doing the best I can to accomplish things that are gonna come after those 5 years.

Two examples so you can get the point of it.

1) I wanna be a Sports Medicine doctor and specialize in Physiology of Running. So, I run. Not only I've grown to love this sport, but it's a good way to get to know the runners from the inside, their weaknesses, strength, fears and hopes. I think this is gonna make me more attached to my future patients once I can connect with them not only as a doctor, but as a runningmate. 

Can you find me? d: 

2) I also want to do some kind of studies about Traditional/Ancient Medicine, specially Oriental Medicine. I think countries like Japan, Korea and China has so much to offer us with their culture, their eating habits, their respect for the the tradition an so on. I've been studying japanese for 1 year and a half now. First, I started because I'm really into mangas and animes. Then I got to know more about the culture, fell in love with it and then it was too late. Most people have such prejudice with everything that sounds too unfamiliar and I really don't get it. I love all countries, all cultures and I could live 1 year in every country for the rest of my life. Maybe I'm too fearless, but I just don't see the point of doing the same thing with the same people forever. That's just me. Anyway, the point :) Now I've found a more honorable reason to keep my japanese studies on track. I think it's really good to have this sort of alternative medicine side on me, so I can offer my patients more natural treatments, which I believe is gonna be a huge influence on their performance. 

Can't express how much I love this :) 

So I have to run. To go to japanese class. To go to med school. To watch 11 tv shows/week. To watch one whole season of a korean drama/week. To stalk blogs. To go out. It really isn't easy and this year was all about trying to sort things out. I've slacked on school when I was running pretty good, then I slacked on running while I was having my finals. Maybe that's just how things go. Maybe we can do everything after all, just not 100% of all of them at all times. Usually, I'm pretty hard on myself and start blaming me for not being able to accomplish everything I want. On the top of that, I'm oh so darn impatient. But this year, with all its ups and downs, I've survived. So I can only look forward to the future and believe that things will start falling into places - a 42h day also wouldn't be bad at all :) 

My cousins are in Argentina visiting me for Christmas and New Years, so my days are filled with tons of walking on a 100F sun, 5lbs of ice-cream, lots of 1pm wake-up call and so on. I'm loving it. 

Specially to myself, who became the queen of excuses lately :) 

Friday, December 16, 2011

So, it has been so long I don't remember what vacations are anymore.

Yes, YES! I did it! I don't know how and I think I'm still high from it, but I've managed to pass every single exam and now I'm finally FREE! :D  It took everything I had, but darn it it was worth it! I basically hibernated for an entire week without even stepping outside the house to see sunlight. And, no, I'm not exaggerating. When I'm down to business with school matters, I'm all in. I don't know how to do things like normal people... like you do a bit of everything every day. No. I have to do nothing at all while I procrastinate everything else 'till the last minute. Always.

sourse from 9gag, the cool-kids version of that pinterest lamesauce page old people spend their days on lol. 

Now that's finally over, I've realized:

1) I haven't shaved for like... forever.
2) I haven't paid any bill since last month. 
3) The dark circles around my eyes due to lack of sleep are so deep that I don't think they're ever gonna go away. And I've just noticed them now because...
4) I haven't looked in the mirror, like REALLY look for the past 2 or 3 weeks. Today, I almost had a heart attack when I noticed how destroyed my face is.
... and last, the saddest one...
5) I haven't run in... oh gosh it hurts to say it... a whole... week. I know, who am I?

So, all this time while I was studying, not sleeping, leaving off oatmeal and greek yogurt all I could think of was:

-"I'm never gonna do this again",
-"If I ever make it through this test, I'm never gonna procrastinate EVER again",
-"When this is all over, the last thing I'm gonna do is stay home",
-"The first thing I'll do is run like there's no tomorrow".

So, today is officially my second day of vacation. Do you know what I did so far? Let me see if it's gonna fit in only one post:


It's been 2 days and I haven't left the house. I haven't been at the gym. I haven't met with my running group. I haven't been to the saloon, or to pay my bills, or to the market for the matter, since I have no food at home.
All I did was:
Wake up.
Turn on the computer.

I know I'm exhausted from having a test every week since October and that I should give myself a break, but still... it frustrates me to stay home just being lazy and not enjoying every single second of my so desired vacation. In my defense, I have a total acceptable excuse. The koreans have slaved me. I don't know what they do, but I'm pretty sure those koreans are up to something. Their k-dramas are so addictive that, once I start watching one, I can't stop until I'm done with the whole thing. Just so you can get a picture of it, I've watched a whole season of Secret Garden (a korean show), which has 20 episodes of 1h each in 2 days. How on god's creation I did that, I still don't know. Yesterday, I started watching a new show called Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, which is actually currently airing in Korea and it has 13 episodes so far. I've watched the whole thang. I mean, seriously. I was never into the whole Korea thing before, I've always been really into mangas and animes, but they were all japanese. I've also taken japanese classes for about 1 year and a half now. But Korea has been growing on me after all this shows I now I'm actually so excited to get a chance to go there someday :)

I know this is a total random post which no one probably cares about (have you ever seen any american watching anything that it's not in english? lol), so I'm just gonna keep being lame while I watch another korean show and wonder when will my life begin.

One of my favorite scenes <3

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Hi, endurance, welcome back!

I ran and didn't wanna puke for the first time since my injury! Now that's some great news! :D

And since we're talking about great news, it made me think of how much our perspective of things can influence our mood and how little things can make us feel so much happiness that your problems seem really really small compared to all of the blessings you have... so, here are some really small things that I've been lucky enough to acknowledge so I can say thanks for all of them :)

This necklace Janae, from HRG's blog sent me and that I've been using it everywhere!

My new toy! 

A new vegetarian restaurant I found just around the corner from my school and that makes my tummy really happy :D 

Having blisters on my fingers from too much writing before a test, but being able to conquer all of them :) 

This new gmail program that allowed me, in Argentina, my sister, in Brazil and my best friend in Portugal to chat together and see each other all at the same time... priceless. 

My runningmates, who have always been there for me, inspiring me and making me a better runner every day :) 

My family, specially my aunt and my grandma, who basically raised me. Thanks for always showing me the bright side of everything in life. Thanks for being an example for me so I can always have someone to look up to and be proud of :) 

...and last, but not least... FRIENDS! 

..those who are close...

...and those that are far far away, and yet closer than lots of people :) 

One more thing...
My sister :)  Although I'm really lonely sometimes and wish I could talk to her more and she just ignores me because that's just the way she is, I still love her and wish she could be by my side right now :( 

ps. I was blond once a loooooong time ago lol

It looks like a Thanks Giving post, although I've never celebrated it outside the US. :)  Well, it's never too late... I guess :) 

IT'S THAT SIMPLE! :) Happy running, friends :) 

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