Thursday, December 01, 2011

Hi, endurance, welcome back!

I ran and didn't wanna puke for the first time since my injury! Now that's some great news! :D

And since we're talking about great news, it made me think of how much our perspective of things can influence our mood and how little things can make us feel so much happiness that your problems seem really really small compared to all of the blessings you have... so, here are some really small things that I've been lucky enough to acknowledge so I can say thanks for all of them :)

This necklace Janae, from HRG's blog sent me and that I've been using it everywhere!

My new toy! 

A new vegetarian restaurant I found just around the corner from my school and that makes my tummy really happy :D 

Having blisters on my fingers from too much writing before a test, but being able to conquer all of them :) 

This new gmail program that allowed me, in Argentina, my sister, in Brazil and my best friend in Portugal to chat together and see each other all at the same time... priceless. 

My runningmates, who have always been there for me, inspiring me and making me a better runner every day :) 

My family, specially my aunt and my grandma, who basically raised me. Thanks for always showing me the bright side of everything in life. Thanks for being an example for me so I can always have someone to look up to and be proud of :) 

...and last, but not least... FRIENDS! 

..those who are close...

...and those that are far far away, and yet closer than lots of people :) 

One more thing...
My sister :)  Although I'm really lonely sometimes and wish I could talk to her more and she just ignores me because that's just the way she is, I still love her and wish she could be by my side right now :( 

ps. I was blond once a loooooong time ago lol

It looks like a Thanks Giving post, although I've never celebrated it outside the US. :)  Well, it's never too late... I guess :) 

IT'S THAT SIMPLE! :) Happy running, friends :) 


  1. Never too late for Thanksgiving at all! That veg box of food looks DELISH... I am about to eat breakfast but already wishing it was lunch, haha. And the necklace is really cute!!

  2. @Franco: HEYYY should I sign up for the race?? I wasn't going to, but if you're up for it, shall we die with 40C and 500% of humidity together? lol

  3. @Laura: haha Thaaanks! I do miss that restaurant, it's been forever since I went there :(


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