Sunday, November 27, 2011

Living and learning.

I admit it, I have zero talent to do anything that requires consistency. Blogging only represents one of the many other things I suck at keeping up to date. Actually, the only thing I've been able to do religiously is to follow the 13 tv shows I'm currently watching... weekly. Then I wonder why my house is a mess, why I haven't been studying at all, why I'm not out and about doing something important.

Running has also been having its ups and downs. I was on the top of my fitness level when I first twisted my right foot, then I did it again a week after (no, I didn't twist it while I was running, somehow I manage to walk on the street like I've been chased by the police, so this kind of stuff always happens). It was a major back down for me, but I've managed to push through it and came back strong.

The Buenos Aires Marathon was around the corner (no, I wasn't gonna run the whole thing, no way Jose), but I did meet my friend at the 20K mark and we ran together the rest 22K. It was a blast! She's a rock star and was talking the whole way 'till the very end!

Maria, her daughter and I after the marathon :)

At the very same week, I had to do 16 sets of 100m. Somehow, I understood I had to do them all at 17sec, which I surprisingly did, just to realize at the end that it wasn't 17, but 27sec the real time I was supposed to do! When I finished it, my right foot was really hurting me. Since I had a 8K race on the following Saturday, I've decided to take it easy and rest the next 2 days. I thought it was gonna be ok by then but it definitely wasn't and I ran it anyway. I know, big mistake. Big, really big.

Pain, pain, pain!

I could barely walk and I ran a 8.1K at 44min. I know it was extremely slow (hm hello, I couldn't even walk), but I shouldn't have run it in the first place. But you know how it goes, you get there, you feel the atmosphere and when you realize you're at the starting line and it's too late. As soon as I crossed the finishing line, I couldn't take one more step. I knew then I had done something reaally stupid and that it was gonna cost me. And oh boy it did. 

It's been almost a month now and only last week I was able to finally run pain free. But the timing couldn't be worse. I decided to get injured right when I had all my tests from school and that wasn't pretty. I've managed to get through some of them, but others I just couldn't concentrate at all to study. I know if I was running I would have managed the stress and pressure much easier. Living and learning, right? 

Now, my only problem is to get my resistance back, which now is close to hm zero. Nasty Buenos Aires summer is around the corner, with its 400% of humidity. I go to run 40min and come back with 30min and dying. You know how it goes, you feel frustrate and suddenly you panic that you're never gonna get where you were before. And this only gets you unmotivated even more to run harder. Now, it's time to be patient and to not let this take the best out of me. I know I'm gonna get through it and I'm gonna come back smarter and stronger than ever :) 

ps. Sorry for the really lamesauce post, I've been feeling kinda down lately :(  Hopefully, it's gonna get better and better from now on:)


  1. Life, and especially recovering, is such a process!
    I go through the motivational ups and downs so often...patience is not a strong point!

    I hope things get better and less frustrating for you quickly!

  2. @Lisa: I know, right? It's really tough to see anything at all when you're stuck right in the middle of it! Thanks for all the better wishes! Now that I'm back on track with my running, life seems to be resolving itself pretty smoothly! Weird, right? :)


  3. There's no worse feeling then being stressed when you can't run! I hope you continue to be able to run pain-free - you've earned it!

    I also can't believe your summer is just around the corner when winter is quickly settling over my city like a little black cloud, haha. Jealous!!

  4. @Laura: I know, right? Running is my mental-check of the week... it was some TOUGH times, but I've learned a lot as well! Hopefully, I won't do the same mistake again! :)

    hahhaha OMG why would you be jealous of? I'd totally switch with you ANYTIME! You say this because you have no idea how gross the summer is here haha


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