Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"i think i should start punching women im interested in."

you know, ive noticed alot of women i know are doing stupid things with themselves. well, not stupid things, its actually legitimate RETARD SHIT. i mean why put up with the things you put up with? why are you in a relationship if you constantly complain about him? why put the bad boys up first and throw the gentlemen on the back burner for you to run to when things go south? hell even that wouldnt be a problem but what happens when we fix your problems??? then you run back to the asshole because you “love him.” GET REAL. the problem with you women today is your attracted to the people who have the capacity to hurt you the most. you mistake kindness for weakness, and any sort of compassion as feminine and friendly. if we throw rocks at your window you think of it as sweet and funny but wont pay it any mind, then homie throws a brick at your head and you fall in love. SERIOUSLY? what goes on in your head??? why the fuck are you with a man who verbally and physically abuses you? why are you with a man who doesnt even cover his tracks when hes cheating on you with your friends? WHY ARE YOU WITH A MAN WHO REFUSES TO GIVE YOU HIS ALL, WHEN YOUR “BESTIE” HAS LEGITIMATELY GIVEN YOU MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE POSSIBLY COULD? it honestly makes no sense. im so puzzled by this concept, ive actually openly asked for girls opinions on this. then they tell me oh your exaggerating bla bla bla etc etc. then i ask em wheres your boyfriend? most dont even know, then they call… no reply. they text… no answer. wanna know why? because the ratio of women to men in the united states is at least 3:1. its a fact, check out the census report. this means that if YOUR not currently fucking your man, theres a 50% chance that hes fucking the other 2/3rds of his little ratio. AND YOU LET IT ROCK. YOU TAKE THESE PIGS BACK BECAUSE YOU FEEL THE NEED TO FIX THEM. but in all honesty, men dont change. they are the way the are FOREVER. so ladies, please take this into consideration: if your boyfriend isnt giving you all you deserve, drop him like a rock. hes not worth your time or effort. second, if you have a single, straight, male “bestie”, chances are hes been deeply in love with you for a long time, and hes actually hurting to see you in a bad relationship. give him a chance, it might change your outlook on men. its not true that there are no more good men left, its just you have overlooked him, even though he’s been parading his interest in you for a loooooooong time.

if you read through this thinking “i hope this nigga aint talkin about me” then i probably am. this isnt about any 1 person i know in particular, but a culmination of quite a few of you. so if you read this feelin guilty, well then it must be about you. it is what it is.

and one more thing, im done waiting around for you to come to your senses. it honestly bothers me to the point of madness why you put up with him when most of the time hes putting a frown on your face, when all ive ever done is put a smile on it. Ciao, bella.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Missing pieces.

Hey, dad... It's almost your birthday... Can I come over now? I just need to lay down on your chest  and listen to your heartbeat... just... one more time. Hey, dad... there's still a little bit of your eyes I need to see... there's still a little bit of your arms I need to feel around me... please, I promise it won't take long. Just this time, let me be with you... Hey, dad... I know I'm crying right now, but I promise I won't cry in front of you as long as you don't ask me how I have been. Hey, dad... I know seeing you is a one-way road and I know that's why you don't want me to come, right? What If I say I would come anyway?

Love you, daddy. Much more than anything that this word can mean.
And happy birthday. 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hey you, threw it all away by holding everything in;

"Stop looking to others to give you permission to go after the target you want to knock down. You are your own master. Set the target up, then knock it down. It really is that simple once you stop waiting for permission. Stop waiting for the perfect moment. Stop waiting until you can move perfectly. Stop saying you’d do it if only you had a sharper weapon. Stop waiting for the ideal situation. There is no such thing."

[ Unleash the Warrior Within ]

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