Sunday, September 26, 2010

Missing pieces.

Hey, dad... It's almost your birthday... Can I come over now? I just need to lay down on your chest  and listen to your heartbeat... just... one more time. Hey, dad... there's still a little bit of your eyes I need to see... there's still a little bit of your arms I need to feel around me... please, I promise it won't take long. Just this time, let me be with you... Hey, dad... I know I'm crying right now, but I promise I won't cry in front of you as long as you don't ask me how I have been. Hey, dad... I know seeing you is a one-way road and I know that's why you don't want me to come, right? What If I say I would come anyway?

Love you, daddy. Much more than anything that this word can mean.
And happy birthday. 

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