Monday, March 21, 2011

4 days off.

Only one more day as a tourist and tomorrow... bye bye moms. Better enjoy it as much as possible! :)

So of you're wondering where did my workout out, let me just say that after lots of time spent self-analyzing the situation, I came up with this: 4 days off. Ok don't scream, I convinced myself of that so I wouldn't freak out. First of all, my mom's here and she is not a big fan of working out. Second of all, I'm moving to a new place, so I have tons of things to buy. Third, I go to the Medical building this year so I have to apply some papers, buy new books... Forth, to do all that, we start walking around 11am 'till 7pm, NO STOP, so I kinda convinced myself that this was a great workout after all, right? So instead of stressing myself about waking up before my mom, leaving for a run, coming back in a hurry to get the hotel breakfast, have to leave with a full stomach to walk around looking for places I have no idea where, I realize it would be much wiser to just concentrate on what it's priority right now. I mean, it's only 4 days, right? And also it's not like I'm sitting around and being lazy. Sometimes, we just have to be wise towards our routine. I used to get extremely freaked out whenever I couldn't get in any endorphin fix throughout the day. Now I'm learning that there are plenty of other things to get me stoked out there. It's a matter of being open-minded, right? :)

Okay, so, that said... yesterday, we went to the famous San Telmo Fair. It happens every Sunday and it's always full of tourists... they sell basically homemade and really reaaally old stuff. It's rather interesting...

Puppet show.


Overall view of the street fair.

Let's talk food... yesterday, I think I had the most delicious lasagna I've ever had in my whole life... I swear, it was heaven. We stop at a place called Galerias Pacifico

Veggie lasagna (carrots, pumpkin, peppers and lots of cheese) with veggies on the side (broccoli, eggplant, green beans, pumpkin). 

Still not convinced? Try again.

Okay, now I got you hooked. 

If you add those...

Wine + bread and people still don't believe in the bible? 

... and you have... 

A really happy tummy, thanks :)

I even convinced my mom I eat healthy... I rocked. 

Salmon and rice with veggies. 

Afterward, my brain convinced me to get this:

I haven't had ice cream in AGES. I don't even remember the name of the flavors, I just got the ones with the most chocolate in it. 

It wasn't a very smart move. I felt extremely sick and couldn't eat anything else the whole day... I don't know if this happens with you guys too, but have you realized that the healthier you eat, the more you suffer when you eat junk food? It happens to me a lot. Yesterday was really bad though. And because of that, I missed this:

Mozzarella with tomato sauce and basil. 

Just looking at it yesterday made me wanna puke (sorry guys too much information, I know). But then I brought it all back to the hotel, squeezed it somehow inside the mini refrigerator and I'm having it for lunch now as we speak. Pizza is just sooo much better when it's cold! (at least that's what I tell to myself every time I have leftovers). 

Do you usually bring leftovers home after eating out?
Always do. Don't forget I go to med school and I have to save up as much money as I can so I can afford all the sushi I eat throughout the week. 

Do you get sick after eating some kind of junk food you haven't had for a while?
Always do as well. My body gets spoiled pretty easily and, after trying the awesomeness of healthy stuff, it punishes me for not giving it what it wants.

Do you allow yourself more days off then usual if you are suddenly out of your routine and something really important comes up?
I wouldn't do it before, but now I'm learning that a couple days won't make me fat or make me lose my endurance. It's just about being smart with out choices. If I know that I won't be running around the whole day during stuff, I might try to sneak in a little run by the end of the day, but If I do spend the whole day walking around solving problems, I try to not stress myself about the fact that I didn't hit the gym. It's not easy, but I'm still learning :)


  1. Great pics! I don't take food home often...if I do, I end up eating it when I get home. So I just let it go :)

    I sometimes think I want junk food...and then I have it, and feel crappy. I do definitely prefer healthy food!

    I take way too many days off from the gym once I take two...I try and go 5 days a week...if I go less, I start to go less and less!

  2. When I moved into my current place in mid January, I ended up taking 2 weeks off! It was a combination of bad weather, an unfamiliar neighbourhood and a need to unpack everything as quickly as possible. Don't beat yourself up over it :-)

    And I'm totally with ya on the junk food. The last time I had take-out pizza I just about died from all the grease and cheese. Blechhhhh.

  3. @Lisa: Thanks Lisa! :)
    I used to be like that... 2 days off the gym and there was the rest of the week. Now I'm starting to working out on the fact that "hey that's me that commands when and where I'm gonna workout". So now it doesn't matter how many days I take off... I'm still going back when I decide to do so :)

  4. @Laura: 2 weeks! How does that feel?

    I know junk food is the bitch! But some how our minds don't remember that lol

  5. O jeito que você posta, é igualzinho o jeito que eu converso com a minha cabeça UAHUAHAHAHUAHUAHUHA

    "Aff, olha o tanto de gente nessa calçada, vou atravessar a rua.. aff ta cheio de carro.. calma, ow, vamo passar aqui no cantinho, be cool... olha pro chão, éééé, melhor olhar pro chão, ae passamo UHUL YAY tá vei para de rir, o povo da rua vai achar que c é doida..."

    Eu passo mal só se eu não comer. Mas eu posso comer qualquer coisa (desde que nao esteja vencida, CLARO) que tá de boa LOL

  6. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH NOSSA NEH? `As vezes eu penso que eu preciso sair um pouco da minha cabeca, porque eu me canso kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    AFFE VEI voce nao come, eh diferente, voce nao conta!!!! rsss


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