Monday, March 14, 2011

Bye, bye, Brazil!

First of all, sorry in advance for all the grammar errors you're gonna find today... I'm chatting with a friend from Argentina in spanish about the apartment I'm gonna check out with her tomorrow, my friend from Brazil is talking about her boyfriend in portuguese and I'm trying to think about all the stuff I need to post here today in english at the same time - and my brain is a little slow when it needs to swift to different modes.

Anyway, TOMORROW! By this time tomorrow, I'm gonna be already in Buenos Aires... Can't wait! Don't get me wrong, watching tv shows, working out, enjoying good food, eternal summer and hanging with friends are probably my idea of a perfect life, but I dare you to survive 4 whole months of pure laziness. Ok, maybe you would, but I'm hyperactive and I can't just have nothing to do the whole day!! I love waking up early and knowing that I won't be able to sit down until 10pm :)

My flight leaves tomorrow early and I started packing... today. 

Thank God my mom's going with me 'cause they consider a flight from Brazil to Argentina as "national", meaning you're only allowed to travel with 1 suitcase weighting less than 50lbs. Not an easy task for me... so she's taking half of my stuff with her :D

While I was packing, I found the stuff I bought for Anatomy and Histology class this year and, of course, I took a picture of it because I'm lame. 

Oh if you didn't know I'm almost blind and I wear contacts all the time because when I'm not wearing them I do like asian eyes to read stuff from far away. 

Gloves, dissecting forceps and medical coat :D

Today I had a total family day... went to have chinese with my mom, stepfather and sista...

Why do we always take pics on the elevator is still a mystery to me.

Red meat with veggies. Didn't have this one 'cause I'm not a big fan of red meat. 

Fried rice with eggs and some (?) veggies. 

Kung Pao chicken. My fav! 

Caramelized banana... SO SO GOOD.

So my sister and I met up with my cousins and we bought 2 chocolate boxes and headed to watch Rango... 'cause anything Johnny Depp related should be a duty to anybody's life.

Diógenes and sista :)

Tales and moi :)

Then we had pizza but we didn't have time for pictures 'cause we were starving out of our minds and started to rain and we got a take out so we had to get together on a random corner and eat it like there was no tomorrow. 

Now I'm home and finally packed. 

Pretend you can't see my underwear. 

So wish me luck guys! See ya all tomorrow from Argentina :D Oh and in case you're wondering about my workout, I might have not worked out in about 3 days. I know, who am I, right? I don't know it either. But tomorrow is a new day... starting with a total SUGAR/WHITE FLOUR CLEANSE for as long as it takes. Minimal of a month, but I'm hoping to keep it up forever, as long as I can make my own granola, add some honey to it and so I can blend it with milk for my post-workout meal. That is gonna be my exception. Why am I doing this again? Oh yeah, the health thing. Just checking.

What are the last trip you guys had? 

I went to the Northeast of Brazil on January for a whole week living out of shrimp, coconut water, hot sun and beaches with warm water. It's amazing. All the beaches on the Northeast of Brazil have WARM WATER. Just natural warm water. I know, right? Wondering what are you waiting for? I am! 

Typical (and predictable) reactions you guys have when you skip your workout routine. 

I get grumpy, moody, I feel fat and I keep staring at me in any mirror I can find. 


  1. Travel safely and enjoy the trip (if that's possible!).
    Also, good luck with your cleanse---you'll feel good if you do it, I bet :)

    I last went to Florida for a meet up with college roommates...that was fun, but definitely not very exotic!

    I don't feel good about skipping workouts either---but it's a good reminder of why I workout in the first place!

  2. Hope my gigantic comment didn't freak you out! LOL


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