Saturday, March 05, 2011

Recapping :)

Some videos from when I was living in NJ... those were all from summer 2009. I was living in Westwood, NJ, back and forth between NJ and NY. I think there's not a single bridge on the planet I have crossed more times than the George Washington Bridge, d:

This is Gabbs :) I used to babysit her and we had the same mental age, as you can see.

Spinning class at NYSC in Ramsey, NJ, with Jodi, best spinning instructor ever.

Gabbs, Brit (Jodi's daughter) and I... 'cause we rocked our socks this day!

More crazy babysitting in NYC :)

My best friend cooking me some dinner at his house for my birthday, back in Brazil, January 2010. I got here from NY in December, stayed 'till February then went to Argentina.

I don't have really lots of videos from Argentina... the first semester of 2010 I was basically learning how to talk in spanish, 'cause I couldn't understand a single thing of what they were saying and I HAD to learn because I wasn't taking spanish classes, I was learning the language while going to school at the same time. Not one of my smartest moves. Somehow though I've manage to learn it... the second half I had too much to study, so I have more pictures than videos... I'll do another recap later about my last year in Argentina :) 

About the workout of the day: Basically, I jogged 2K just to warm up. Then 1:45min of upper body weight training, followed by 20min cycling... the science behind an aerobic exercise after heavy weight training: Weight intervals to release the fat from the fat cells, followed by low intensity cardio to use these fatty acids for energy. 


Anything really bizarre happened to you recently? 

Today, I was having lunch with my sister, my mom, my stepfather and my cousin and we left the car parked a little too far from the restaurant... someone broke the back seat's window and stole some stuff we left on the back seat (my "some stuff"you read my amazingly-new-way-too-expensive running shoes ): My aunt is having a really hard time those days so I thought about cheering her up a bit by inviting her for a jog with me at the park later on... I mean, who doesn't feel better after a nice jog with your prettiest cousin, right? Apparently 
the guy who stole us). 

Our happy faces on the elevator on our way to the restaurant before knowing our terrible fate ):

If you could live in any country right now, money and language difficulties don't count, where would it be?

Japan (weirdo, I know). Japanese is the only language I've actually taken real classes to learn, the only food I can't never get enough of. I think I still need to live there someday. (I don't know about the guys there though... I've dated a japanese dude once back in NY and he was pretty weird). 


  1. Interesting post!
    I would probably live in a tropical place....where I never had to wear shoes :)

  2. I'm with Lisa... somewhere with lots of sand and sun!!


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