Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pretending to be a tourist.

Hey guys! How ya all doing? Sorry for the delay, I barely stay in one place... yesterday, we walked for like forever to buy the tons of books I'm gonna need for this year and then walk back carrying them all! Thank God my mom came with me, otherwise I would be lost out of my mind!

Today, woke up and ran light 3mi around Puerto Madero... I was quickly out of breath and I realize I need to get used to the humidity again... but it was amazing.

So, nothing like start the day with whole wheat french bread, white cheese and tons of fruits!

Ok I swear there was a lot of fruit a couple minutes before I realized I had to take a picture :)

Isn't it great to get to hang out with your mom when she's a tourist and want to get fancy every day and include you in all her plans? :D So that was lunch!

Breadland... heavenly. 

After that amount of meat my mom MADE me eat yesterday, I MADE her go with a little fish and veggies.

Hake fish and steamed veggies.

I went with breaded baked eggplant, mashed potatoes and mashed pumpkin and tomatoes skins. 

After lunch, we stopped in a health food store and got some dried fruits 'cause my mom was really into trying them out...

Dried papayas.

Dried plums.

At night, we went to the cutest coffee shop I have ever been in my entire life! It's called Artentino, it's on Avenida de Mayo, close to 9 de Julio... I took tons of pics, so get ready :)

It's an art and coffee shop

Pop art - best art ever. (Roy Lichtenstein).

I wish my room was like this...

I wish I could live there!

Ok, now you're probably bored, sorry.

Just one more of moi :) 

Dinner was served :)  I actually couldn't finish what I had for lunch, so I packed it and had the other half of it for dinner :) 

My mom got pizza.

Then lemon pie for dessert (for her, I hate any fruity pie - except banana pie, of course heh).

This post is more of a fotobook than a blog but oh well, it's worth it more than 1.000 words. Hope you guys are enjoying the awesome weather :) 

If you guys could have only one fruit for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Definitely bananas for me... I would never ever ever get to understand a person who doesn't like bananas or anything banana-related :)

What is the food you can't never get enough of? 
Sushi. :)


  1. The food I can't never get enough of is, I don't know, lasagna? Pasta? ahuahuahuhau I'm so easy when it comes to food :P haha
    Man, I'M IN LOVE WITH THIS COFFEE SHOP OMG OMG my room now is so boring :/
    But anyway, miss u, gal...and I'm suffering with the humidity too :S bummer, but we'll survive it! :P
    See ya!

  2. Great pics---looks like a lot of great food. Are you happy to be back?!

    If I had to choose a fruit...I would have apples, a very specific variety that is common to my hometown. I love them!

  3. Dried plums are the best!! If I had to pick one fruit it would probably be rasberries. Bonus points if you get to pick them yourself! They grow everywhere around here...

  4. @Joao: hahaha So you mean italian food in general, right? :)
    Oh and I miss you too! I think I'm already getting used to the humidity (but true I've lived here for 1 year already lol.) But you'll survive, I'm sure of that!

  5. @Lisa: I'm SO happy! I think I'm ready for this, to get my life on going, new beginnings... can't wait!

  6. @Laura: Oh lord! Can't imagine raspberries growing out everywhere where I could just go ahead and pick them! Dreamy!


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