Thursday, March 10, 2011


Ok, I'm totally stoked. There's this park a bloc away from my sister's apartment and I was doing a hill training there (2/3 of the park are hills). Anyways, last time I checked (2 weeks ago), I ran 5.2K there and it took me 34min to get it done. During these 2 weeks, I started some serious speed training on a treadmill (Ok I don't know about you guys but speed is a really big thing for me, since I was never ever able to run fast my whole life). So, yesterday, I went there again, ran the same 5.2K and, guess what? In 20min! That's 14min less than my last time! Time to be proud of this little hard-work-little-butt here. I've never known speed training would pay off so well. :)

The view when I left to run...

Oh and by the way, on the way back, everyone was staring at me and I thought they could just smell the victory out of my porous, but as I realized later on after I saw myself in the mirror, it wasn't exactly that...

Oh and it wasn't just the hair saying hello to everyone around... I noticed later on that I was wearing my pants the other way around. Yup, that's me. 

To compensate my humiliation, soy chocolate and 20 episodes of 6teen :) 

Oh I didn't mention it was a cartoon? Now you believe I'm mentally 15 right? 

 Dinner was also great... 

Chicken, zucchini, broccoli, rice and tomatoes.

4 days 'till I finally go back to Buenos Aires. I mean, vacations are great, but 4 months vacations can bore even me. Can't wait to go back to my own gym, spinning, karate class, school and all that jazz. Get ready for tons of pics, 'cause I'm just in the mood for some real action here. 


Workout in the morning or later on?

If I have nothing to do the whole day, I'm definitely working out later on... bad procrastinator. If I know I'll be busy though, I wake up earlier to get it done :) 

Do you have any tv shows that you're embarrassed to tell people you're addicted to?

I wouldn't say I'm embarrassed, but I definitely don't broadcast that I've just watched 2 whole seasons of 6teen in less than a week. 


  1. Congrats on shaving 14 minutes off of your time! That's so impressive!! I struggle with the speedwork because I really dislike it but hopefully it will pay off when it's 1/2 marathon time...

  2. That's so great---as long as you got your great workout in, who cares what you looked like!
    Hmmmm...I am embarrassed that I got addicted to Lipstick Jungle..and I'm totally disappointed that they only did two seasons!

  3. Thanks for all the support guys! You comments mean a lot to me and inspires me to keep on going on a daily basis :)

    Love you all


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