Sunday, April 03, 2011

First Global Warming... and now this.

My life sometimes is so boring that I have to actually skip days of posting just so I don't bore cyber people out of their minds... but yesterday something really scary happened. I decided to go for a run at around 10pm with my dog... he's very small, but since it was Saturday night, the streets were crowed so no problem with that. I was around 3 blocks away from home and I had probably run a little bit over 8K, I crossed the street and there was this girl with a huge dog. Huge! And she was holding a leash, so I thought she had him like leashed. As Tino (my petit dog) approached to say hi to his fellow specie, the other huge gigantic dog, out of NOWHERE, attacked him. I mean, he bit Tino on the neck, and started shaking him one side to another, just like they do when they want to destroy a pillow... I had Tino on the leash, but I started pushing and screaming and the dog wouldn't let go!
And as it turned out, the other girl didn't have him on the leash (she did have a leash on her hands, it might be a new trend I'm not aware of, who knows, I'm a hermit). I started crying and screaming and I think the scene went on forever and I knew there was no way Tino would survive... until a guy came out of nowhere, stepped in the middle and took the other dog away... I was still crying out of my mind, I just couldn't stop, Tino was shaking and crying silently and he looked to scared, I could see pain all through his eyes... the guy took him and started analyzing him, looking for the teeth bites... after about 5min he found them and told me that I should medicate him with a syringe and put oxygenated water right into the bites. He also said the bites were subcutaneous, so no further damage was caused. It turned out he was a vet (what are the odds that you're running at almost 11pm on a Saturday night, your little dog gets attacked by this huge monster dog and there's coincidentally a vet walking right at the same moment?). 

So I took him on my arms and walked the rest of the way back home... I was still crying and by the time we got here, he crawled under my bed and wouldn't leave... I tried talking to him, but he was just too scared... This morning, I woke up and he looks a little better, but he's still kinda down... wish him luck, guys <3

Saturday it was another holiday here (yeah, I know uh) and you know what that means... no gym! And I just found out about that later on when I actually getting ready to go... so I couldn't go, which crushed my little soul... so instead, I went for that miserable run... ):  On Friday, I had the lamest spinning class ever. The teacher so not wanted to be there on a Friday night... she would stop pedaling or not put any resistance at all. LAME. The bad thing about being a spinning instructor... no class is your class, right? heh  C'mon guys, let me brag about it a bit, I deserve it, I had a tough week, k?

Yesterday, I also cooked those babies:

Brown rice, brown, white and black beans, lentils and flaxseeds. This, mates, is more protein and fiber together than you'll ever get in any meal. 

Ok so as I was talking to my roommate, I just remembered the funniest story ever... my dad used to have this motorcycle and he used to pick me and my sister up at school when we were younger. My sister would go on the front and I on the back (ok guys don't blame him, he was a cop back then and we were broke). I also thought it was too lame to hold on to my dad's back, so I would just hold the back part of the motorcycle. He used to come and park backwards, so it was easier for us to get on. One day, he put my sister on the front and I sat on the back. One of my girl friends then called me and I said "be right back" and I got off to talk to her (so remember that I  used to weight probably 60lbs when I was a kid, no kidding, people thought my parents were starving me to death). With that said, you can imagine what happened. My dad didn't hear me saying that I was getting off the bike and he also didn't feel as I got off and walked back to the school. So he just went home. Guys, you don't understand, he went all the way home (that would be about 25min) without realizing I wasn't on the back seat. When they finally got there, he got off and he was like "holy shit, where's Lyvia?" He thought I had fallen off the bike, so he went all the way back, really desperate, looking for me on the streets or crushed under some car. For his surprise, when he got to the school, there was I, sitting on the sidewalk, with my backpack on my back and the helmet still on, crying out of my mind that my dad went home and left me behind. You guys really believe that any girl can be normal after such thing? I'm pretty sure you just had and insight moment... "oh so that's why she's like this.... oh honey". I don't blame ya, really.

My dad and I a couple years before "the happening" that probably traumatized me for life. 

How is your weekend so far?
Is it weekend? I mean, really, weekend and weekdays have no difference for me anymore. It's all about books and more books. I actually had one Embryology class and I might have used 25 or 30 pages of my notebook. Talking about the miracle of life... try learning it.

Oh by the way, as I was trying to look up some videos so I could have a visual memory of what I was studying, I came across this:

This brought so much joy to a Saturday night post-dog attack filled with books. 

Do you have any really funny (and dramatic) story from your childhood? I'd love to know it! C'mon guys, don't leave me alone on this one. 


  1. Oh my goodness, your poor dog! I'm so glad the stranger was a vet so at least you didn't have to go seek one out aferwards... how's your dog doing today?

    I loved your quote about granola bars, by the way. I feel that way about the oaty ones too... the fruit and nut based bars are better!

  2. @Laura: Aw thanks! He's much better now... since yesterday, he's been more or less like his normal self, but not 100% yet. The bites are still sore, but they look much better... :)

    I hate bars with fruits in it! LOL Unless it's banana... 'cause you know, I didn't evolute quite well to homos sapiens sapiens yet d:


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