Saturday, April 16, 2011

Partying animal 'till 1am, wow.

HOLIDAY! Remember it? No school, no homework, parties, friends and all that? That's not my case. I don't have classes for the next week and the only thing I can think of is "Thank God, now I have more time to study" (?). I swear, all doctors deserve their money big time. It's just insanely out of control what they put us through.

Just so you don't think I'm a total loser, last night's dinner looked like this:

Who could ever want anything other than blue cheese, bread and wine?

I ended up partying hard big time with my roommate until 1am. She was having beer and 2 glasses of beer later and one (yeah you read it right) one whole glass of wine we were so tired that we went to bed. On a friday night of a holiday. Why am I still single, you ask?

Last Sunday, I went to church. Figured I needed some me time with my girlfriend and it was awesome. We found out they had another building which is the central a little bit further but much bigger. So we're hitting it tomorrow morning... can't wait. It might be the most exciting thing that has happened to me this week. I know, lame right? If you want my address to send me chocolates, I'm accepting.

Don't matter the fact that I need a haircut really bad.

And we treated ourselves with THIS:

A pizza that costs 4 bucks HAS to be great in every possible way, right? :) 

So anatomy classes are great, except that my group is SO lame. I can't believe I'm stuck with them 'till the end of the year. If you're watching the last House's season, you might be familiar with the new assistant who's actually a med student... yeah, the really annoying i-know-it-all one. Multiply her by 10 and voila, welcome to my nightmare. When we're dissecting the cadavers, they're just all over it all the time, it annoys me out of my mind. Thank God for the internet.

I was actually able to find a page that has dissections separated by members. So, SO useful. And I thought I would be disgusted by dead people, but nope. The alive ones are still much worse. 

My training are SO great. I go to school with already all my gym stuff on my backpack, then I live school and the gym is right there, half a block away. Can't get any better than that folks. And I got on track with my yoga class and it's been a huge helper. Yesterday I did lower body training followed by a yoga class... so you can imagine how my ass is feeling, as usual. I wonder if it has anything to do with 220lbs I put on the leg press upward machine? d:

Today is upper body and Sunday I'm aiming for a long run before church. Let's see how that goes. I'm happy that I was able to run almost 11K on a treadmill this week, which is huge for me (I mean, running on a treadmill just sucks big time)... it could or not could have something to do with the huge gigantic cup of coffee I had right before it. I'm not a big fan of using anything to enhance performance, because I feel like I'm cheating on myself somehow... but I have to tell you, coffees have been great for me this week, specially for working out and studying... I still haven't bought any to have at home because I'm scared I'll be addicted all over again, but I'm this close. 

You guys take anything before working out that gives you that extra energy? (come one guys, share your secrets with me, I have no friends and I take in all the advice you guys give me d: ).
I've never taken anything at all except for coffee this week. Kinda hooked. 

How does your typical day looks like?
Well, wake up at 7am, breakfast, school 'till 12:30pm. Gym, home, lunch, books 'till I can handle it. Usually by 12pm I give up and go to bed. Party animal, right?

Any big plans for the weekend?
That would be church lol. 


  1. Awwwww, I need to get back to yoga asap! I've got my first 1/2 marathon tomorrow so I think I'm gonna need it this week!!

  2. aff, odeio gente que fica falando o tempo todo, mesmo quando o professor nem pergunta, eles tão falando, ninguém quer saber e eles tão falando, a pessoa parece que tá vazando conhecimento.

  3. SO SORRY por não ter comentado antes :~ eu tava muito por fora desse mundo de blog!
    Tô tentando voltar, mas agora que fui assaltado tá foda :/ minhas fotos todas foram perdidas, aff!!!
    Mas enfim, vou voltar a ler, juro!!!!
    Tava vendo os outros posts, ficou tão linda de jaleco, que orgulho *-* acho tão lindo ir para a faculdade de jaleco *-* sério!!! Boa sorte pra ti, guria! HUAHUAUAAUAUHAHUA
    Beijo beijo

  4. @Laura: WOW! Can't wait to read about your half marathon!!!! So excited!


  6. @Joao: hahaha eu nao vou de jaleco nao, eu coloco qd chego lah neh? Acho muito coisa de enfermeiro essa de querer se mostrar de jaleco na rua rsss. Eu sou medica, preciso aparecer pra ninguem nao HAHAHAHAHAHA AQUELAS rss


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