Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Hermiting, whatever this means.

It's 9:36pm. I was all dressed up to go to the gym, but every single cell of my brain begged me not to. I'm physically awake, but mentally I'm dead. Class in the morning followed by 7 hours straight eating Anatomy books. I mean, it. Books as in not only more than one, but a whole lot more. Since apparently no one can make a real damn good book, we have to study with 4, 5 different books to get the most of all of them. I thought of doing a little break and going to the gym, but I just couldn't bring myself to stop it in the middle, so I just kept going. At some point, I'm pretty sure I felt asleep on the table for like 10min, and I'm not sure that's so normal. New plan: having gym clothes on my school bag. My gym is actually half a block away from school on my way back home. So it's just makes more sense to leave school and just go. Some other days, I'll have to go later on because I wanna catch some classes (spinning, yoga), but it's just much easier if you have a time that you need to be there :) Of course that all my gym stuff will have to compete for space with stuff like this:

God forbid I go hungry in the middle of a class. I mean, who carries a bag of bread on their backpacks anyway?

Being younger, I remember my aunt cooking something like an eggplant parmigiana but with soy meat on the top of it. I didn't have soy meat at home, but I did have some tofu screaming to be used. So I tried to crumble it and it actually ended up working quite well.

Eggplant on the bottom with olive oil, then unsalted cheese and a mix of crumbled tofu with ricotta cheese, tomato sauce and cumin on the top. And yes, I ate half of it alone. Hey, brains use up calories too.

Today, I got home from school at about 1ish pm and I was starving so I made the easiest thing I could find on the fridge and it actually turned out healthier than I even planned.

Steamed broccoli and carrots, tomatoes, the legume power mix and oysters. Hey rainbow. 

Sorry for boring ya all with this lame post, but I swear I can't think clear in my head. I see cells, tissues, anatomic parts, muscles, bones all around me. Someone looks at me, I see their hole skull. 

Oh, by the way, great news. I'm joining a running group, probably starting this weekend. Can't wait. Finally, I'm gonna have someone to talk to about running (actually finally I'm gonna have someone to talk at all, I'm telling you, hermit). Joining a group keeps you motivate. It bonds you with people who share the same passion as you and it makes it harder for you to skip your runs, 'cause ditching yourself is one thing, but ditching others is humiliating and it makes you a loser. Seriously. By you I mean, me. 

What was your favorite dish back when you were a kid?
Milk's cream cookie and anything chinese food related.

Tell me the most amazing thing that has happened to you recently! I'd love to know! 
That would be me joining the running group! I'm so excited! :) 

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