Thursday, April 21, 2011

Keep it under the carpet.

There's lots of advantages when you're living away from home. Most of them consist of preserving the view of a popular, hygienic and responsible person your family has of you.

While normal people are partying their Saturday nights out like there's no tomorrow and your family is thinking you're probably out on a hot date, that's what you're actually doing:

Did I mention I love red wine and blue cheese? You got the latest Harry Potter movie on and I'm sold!

Between the lame poses you do in front of the mirror while checking out your hot body, you can also spare your family from seeing stuff like this:

Spoons are so overrated. 

You can also keep them from knowing that you and your roommate eat pizza with beer and wine at 11pm while watching He's Just Not That Into You for the 10th time and cursing all the XY species. 

You better believe that was only half of the pizza.

You know that small detail that your fav sushi place is actually strategically halfway from the church you suddenly decided to go to? So keep that to yourself as well. 

I swear that the sushi was delicious... I don't know why we have the moron faces on.

And they also don't need to know you're falling behind your classmates because you're workout maniac and, on the top of that, has just joined a running group (shhh more on that later).

I really need some running gear so I can stop using old clothes to workout. 

AND, the biggest advantage of all, you can spare them the fact that you always need more money because you spend all your month's worth of cash buying expensive gigantic amounts of food so you can keep up with all the insanely activity you put your muscles through. 

And I wonder why I never have money to do stuff like waxing. 

Okay so big news. Today I had the first day with the running group. It was a small group because it's a holiday today and well you know. But I loved every single moment of it! Well, ok not every single moment, some random minutes I really wanted to kick their ass hard, but I guess it was totally worth it in the end. I got there, we talked, they said "we're doing an easy jog for about 1h, you're in?" The hell you bet I'm in. It turned out their jog is a 9:20 pace and that's like my sprint pace (ok not really but you got the point). So within 30min I was out of breath and I think I've cursed every single past generation of the whole group, but you know what? If it wasn't for them I wouldn't have make an almost 11K in 1:04h! Tomorrow it's gonna be a little easier they said (what could it be, 30min of sprints uphill? :S) so I'm confident. For the very first time, I'm trusting my own running skills, I'm trusting that I can improve, that I can get better, stronger, faster. Wait and watch me.  

Med school is good by the way, in case you're wondering. It's killing me, but oh well I guess that should have been obvious for me since the beginning. I was very unmotivated to study yesterday, so I decided to watch the new House ep instead... and it just threw this right at my face:

- Sailing is amazing, but it doesn't mean I love every second on the boat... Doing what you love means dealing with things you don't.

[ House ]

Right? :) 
Gotta go, good people. Running group tomorrow way too early for me at 9am :) 

What do you do now that you live alone (or when you're away from home) that you're family is better off not knowing? 

Random question... what moment of the day are you guys hungrier?
That would be around 5ish pm. I don't know what the hell happens, the hunger spirit possesses me and I can't stop eating 'till around 7ish pm. Like I.can't.stop. I don't know why, but you know when sometimes you wonder if you're normal? That's def one of those times for me. 


  1. ou, não entendo pq voce ta levantando aquele produto na última foto KKKKKKKKKKKKKK SEMPRE QUE EU VEJO, EU RIO

    Eu tava com o Tales no Carrefour e falei TIRA UMA FOTO AE, dai como eu sou major loser e nao sei fazer pose, deu nisso rssss


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