Saturday, February 12, 2011

Summer is fun. It's like hot as hell and then, out of nowhere, you just hear that it's raining somewhere not that far and... it's coming to youuuu!

Well, as scary as it looks, it lasted less than 5min... but it was more than enough to cool down at least a bit. So I took the time to run to the gym (run meaning taking the elevator downstairs lol) and get my upper body training on check :)

So I had the whooooole gym for myself... I mean, who else would be at the gym at like 2pm, specially a home gym? d: I did a light 1.55mi to warm up and then 1:30min of weight training.

After that, I cooked some pasta with shrimp and soy sauce that didn't turn out as good as I planned, but I was so starving to death that I eat it happily ever after lol. Then I was supposed to go over my cousin's for a nice sleep over but my friend came over... as I was showing him some runner's blogs, I found out about a 10K race at beginning of April in Buenos Aires... MAN I got the chills! I mean, I really want to run my first race ever, but is it ok for your first one to be a 10K? I mean, I've been running for more than a year now, but I don't know, I'm just so nervous!! So I just signed up anyways. What the heck, right? What's the worst that could happen? (me getting at the finishing line and there's no one there anymore... LOL; but at least I got there haha). This is the race:

So my friend was like "oh man, I want to workout, but you already did, right?" And I was like "dude, I've just signed up for my first race, working out once a day ain't a option, let's goooo!" So we did! And I did some sprint training for the first time in ages and felt sooo great about myself! I think I'm starting to build up some confidence on my training... I'm so hard on myself sometimes and I think I don't give myself enough credit for all the hard work I do ):

Now I'm chilling at home with my sista, my lil cousin and my friend (who, by the way, brought us a box of chocolate he got at the South of Brazil - veeeeery famous and yummyyy!)

Since it's not dark chocolate (my favorite), I find it extremely hard to eat conventional chocolate... it's just so damn sweet that I can't never finish a little one ):  So I pour myself some mate, a conventional tea from Argentina, and that cut the extra sweet of the chocolate and it was an awesome combination after all :)

Time to enjoy the night, the heat, the company, the food and the nice mood after my first signed up for a marathon (I know, I'm so dramatic haha). 


Which season you guys like the most? Why?

Well... as a brazilian native, I can't help it but looove summer! I love the heat, sunshine, beaches, outdoor activities, running outside, summer rain, getting together with your friends at the park, bars with tables on the sidewalk, how people seem always much happier during summer *-* 

Do you guys do weight training as well? How do you spread it during the week?

I do one day of upper body training and another day of lower body training. I rather do it that way, 'cause after my lower body training, I can barely walk for 2 days haha. Don't you just love the soreness you feel after you kicked your own butt at the gym? :) I know I do!

How do you guys feel when you had just signed up for your first marathon? Any advices?

Do you have any favorite chocolate kind or brand?

I LOVE dark chocolate... and if it's organic, even better... I used to LOVE this one that was made at the Amazon forest and it was called Kallari... it was sweetened with evaporated cane juice. I used to buy it at Whole Foods and I could never find it outside the US ): 

What are you favorite sweet/sour combination?

Mine is anything sweet with mate <33 


  1. Wow! so glad you stopped by my blog! I loved reading about your HOT life! =)

    I love sighing up for races!!! It certainly motivates me!! Here, and most places actually, a "marathon" means 26.2 miles! That is a real, true marathon. So if you were to say you registered for a marathon most would think you are crazy and about to run 26.2 miles!! The 10k you registered for is a 10k, and would be referred to as a 10k race or 6.2 miles! It is a great race distance! I hope the weather is not too hot for you on race day!! I can't wait to read how it goes!

    I like to weight train. I only do it maybe 2 or three times a week. So when I do get to it I do a full body workout. I can't move for two days after. UGH! And it makes running so much harder!!

    Great job! Keep up the hard work!! And I'll take that chocolate off your hands! I love all chocolate, I don't care!

  2. Congrats on signing up for your first race! It's so exciting/nerve wracking before the first one, but once you cross that finish line you will be hooked on races!

    And give me any chocolate and I'm a happy girl :)

  3. Thanks for the comment on my blog!
    YAY for first race! I know you'll love it!!
    Follow me!

  4. thanks for commenting on my blog girl:) good luck at the first race!! you'll do awesome :) xoxo


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