Friday, February 18, 2011

'Cause I'm bigger than my body gives me credit for.

Mix in plenty of mental training. Many runners drop out of races despite having the physical capacity to keep on going. It’s often the mind that gives in before the body does. Identify your personal mental barriers and then train through them.  35 Ways To Become a Better Runner.

  The Spirit Of The Marathon. Check this out guys, it's really inspiring. 

Ok, before you guys start questioning the very few amount of miles I run every week, I just wanted to say something. First of all: I don't plan on going to the Olympics. I may not even be planning on ever running a full marathon - ok, maybe someday, but that certainly ain't my main goal in life. That would be to get my residence in Sports Medicine and to train athletes. I do everything I do because I want to apply what I study on Medical school on me because I think that would make me a better doctor and a better couch. No one talks better about anything than when it's based on experience. If, on the top of that, you gave a great background of study on it, I think that would do it. :)  So you guys better stick with me, I might be very famous one day.

Hot cops might even ask me to take pictures with them on the streets, believe it, it was totally his idea and I don't even know how that picture ended up in my camera.

With that said, I'm now declared officially freaked out for the 10K. I had a nightmare last night about the finishing line... I took so long to get there that...



Ok, I'm a total drama queen, but oh boy. Yesterday, I ran 6mi, 54min. It was nice, considering that 2/3 of the park is a gigantic hill. It felt so great to run again... I need to improve my times badly... As I was running yesterday, I kept thinking how much I had to improve, how slow I was, how harder I should try... and the more I kept being so hard on myself, the less will to keep trying I had. So right in the middle of this life crisis thoughts, Granade, Tyler Ward came up (I know it's Bruno Mars' original, but this version, at least for me, is much better :) ) and that part "Yes I would die for you baby, but you won't do the same". And as corny as this is gonna sound, I started thinking that it was every inch of my body singing to me... like the amazing things our bodies do for us everyday and what do we do in return? We eat crap, sit around and complain - not. Somehow, that gave me an extra boost of energy and boy did it feel great when I not only did what I planned, but even a little more :)  My body shouted a big thanks and we were in peace again <3

Oh I almost forgot! I got new running shoes! And they're soo great! I used to have the older Mizuno, but the new wave is definitely worth it...

I know they're like size 10, but let's just pretend they're my dad's or something. 

By the way, I went to get a blood test today, so I couldn't eat since 9:30pm yesterday. I thought I was gonna die. I mean, I used to be the kind that would eat tons of food at once and then spend the next 6 hours without food... but now I got used to eat little by little throughout the whole day and I'm totally adapted to that. So when I run out of food, I go crazy. I get annoyed, irritated, moody, you name it. So we went to this place here to get breakfast and I wanted to show you guys how delicious it was, but it didn't last enough time to get its picture taken. It was a cheese biscuit with a strawberry/orange juice (fresh, of course, this is a tropical country after all! :) ).

Now it's time to download yesterday's episode of American Idol and Skins UK. ('cause the US version is an epic fail. When are they gonna stop ruining all the great shows with US versions of them?).


Do you guys have any life crisis during your runs?

Always. I come up with great plans like ending the war, how am I ever gonna travel to Egypt or Japan, or I make up scenes I want to happen to... sometimes I can make up an entire conversation with someone! Weird is the fact that, later on, those thoughts get mixed up with my memories and I start believing they really happened lol. 

Are you guys anxious? How do you cope with your anxiety?

I've always thought I was the most relaxed person I've known... but lately I'm starting to rethink that. I'm extremely anxious. Most of the times, I eat out of anxiety, sometimes I run... sometimes my brain sabotages me out of my anxiety and it makes it twice as harder to workout. ): 


  1. I love your perspective---and I look that take on Grenade too :)

    I love new running shoes! Mizunos are my fave.

    I do the same thing when I'm running--I swear I come up with the BEST ideas during that time. Often, later, I laugh at myself for what i've come up with and gotten inspired to do.

    Anxiety....I breathe deeply, do yoga, remind myself of good things and successes I've had. In my takes lots of practice!

  2. Yup, Mizunos are my very fav too... it just fits so perfectly! :)

    hahaha That's one of the reasons why I love running! It like opens my mind to see things more clear, you know... :)

    I think I'm seeing an acupuncturist this week... I mean my doc is graduated in Medical school, but he's a natural doc and he just prescribes natural stuff and he also does acupuncture, which is awesome... I think it might help :)


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