Monday, February 14, 2011

Chicken legs ain't sexy under the Ecuador line.

Procrastinated my run until 5pm. What a brilliant time to go to the gym that it's downstairs on your sister's building, no air-conditioning, summer time in Brazil. Genius, Lyvia. I was supposed to run 3mi conversational pace, but it didn't matter how lower I was putting the speed, my heart rate wouldn't drop from 170 :S  I don't know if it was the heat or what, but then I stopped after 20min - I'm a wussy, I know.

So I did what I love the MOST - strength training. I know most of the blogs I read around here are from runners. Well, despite the fact that I run a lot, I have never run for more than 1:30h and I can't stand the treadmill. Barbells, dumbbells, weights, excruciating pain is just HEAVEN for me. I do it as slow as possible, I enjoy the pain as much as I can and there's nothing more satisfying for me than waking up to feel muscles that you had no idea existed - freaking masochistic. Maybe cinnamon is more satisfying. Can't decide.

Anyways, I did 1:30h lower body training.

                             Improvising. You gotta do what ya gotta do!

ps. don't look at my size 10 shoes. Or my chicken legs. 

Back in High School, I was the girl everyone would make fun of because I was too tall and too skinny. I think I'm still a little traumatized with that. Believe me, inside the boys' heads, being skinny is Brazil just means you're unhealthy.

I did 45min bike afterward and felt awesome. I love biking 'cause it makes your legs more muscular and bigger and that's all I want. Muscles <333

Now, I'm sitting here, and I had to stop 'cause this was stuck in my head the whole day and I couldn't wait to eat it ALL:

If you think it wasn't that good, think twice:

Now that I'm stuffed with a mango head-sized, I wish I could have saved some for tomorrow. I have a huge issue (really?). I can't save food for the next day. I bake some dessert, I buy a cake, fruit, whatever, something that I don't consume daily... I can't think like normal people and just eat a little bit so I have it for lots of days... Nooo I can't stop thinking about that half chocolate I left, or about the rest of cake staring at me. I. Have. To. Have. It. 


Have you guys ever been bullied in High School? If yes, why?

I have, not only in High School, but Elementary as well. Besides my not-at-all gorgeous brazilian looks, I was way more into books and movies and literature than I was into carnival or parties. I'm that weird. At some point, I started dressing all black and listening to metal. That might have contributed to the bullying. Just guessing. 

Are you guys able to save desserts or any kind of food that isn't normal during your daily basis? 

That mango is all inside me now, so you got your answer I guess.

Beyoncé or Angelina Jolie looks?

10003984098409380 times Beyoncé. Bring in the curves!

ps. Sorry about the quality of the pics, my camera was stolen last year in Argentina, so now I have to get pictures taken from my itouch ):  


  1. Save dessert? I wonder what that's like, lol. Once the bag is opened or the seal is broken or the first bite is taken, it's done for!

  2. Hey girl :)
    YESS Jillian is amazingggg...I LOVE HER!!! Her workouts never fail to leave me sweatin' ;)

  3. hahaha jillian is so horrible! i've never done her workout but just watching her on tv is so bad!

  4. Um, no...I don't have the capability to save dessert. I don't know...I've maybe tried once or twice, but it didn't work!

  5. OH Jillian is on a tv show! THAT'S WHY everybody knows her! LOL MAN I'm SO out of tv those days... I juts download all my fav shows and watch them. I might have watched tv last year less than 10 times, only to watch the World Cup games!!

  6. I'm glad nobody saves dessert. I was starting to think I was some kind of binge eater or something. :)


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