Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Is exercising really the only thing that keeps you sane?

So, went to my friend's house on Saturday and never came back lol. We really wanted to do a Star Wars marathon but the closest dvd shop was almost 4 miles away and the car wasn't there. So we walked. We walked almost 4miles to get dvds. We rock.

We rented the 6 Star Wars and started watching the first one at 3am. With that, we had a box of chocolate, condensed milk sweets and a pot of ice cream. All gone. We rock part 2. And of course it didn't last long enough for pictures, as aways.

And we had to stop to see the sunrise... (I haven't seen it in like forever... don't forget I'm on vacation in Brazil so waking up early is out of question for me if I don't have a major reason to do so). And this did last long enough for some shots :)

                                                         Sunrise part 1.

                                                          Sunrise part 2.

                                                                  Sunrise part 3.

                                                               Sunrise part 4.

Well, so despite the fact that we've walked for like forever to get movies at 10pm on Sunday, I potato couched on Monday and Tuesday... It's funny how this is the very first time I didn't punish myself for not exercising. I used (still am) really hard on myself and intend to judge what I do or don't depending on the goals I set... so I would go totally crazy if I had to go out of my routine for some reason (like being on a friend's house) where I couldn't get my own food or my own time to exercise... I would get moody, irritated and it would be extremely hard for me to go back on track. For the very first time though, I was enjoying my friend's company, we were being girlie, watching movies, eating chocolate and ice cream, talking 'till 5am, studying a bit... and I was able to ENJOY every single moment of it without going crazy inside my head about how I wasn't supposed to be in that place, how I was going to workout or eat right or blablabla. So stupid. That kind of behavior led me to much worse things like not eating at all on the next day and over exercising like crazy so I could take the weight off of me. But guess what? I'm willing to take the risk of putting up a few inches if that means I get to LIVE. I don't wanna be those exercises freaks with their priorities distorted. Of course my well-being is my priority, but family and friends ARE part of my well-being, not only how many miles I manage to fit in a day. :)  (I feel so mature right now lol).

Man I don't know about you guys, but do your bodies crave healthy foods BADLY? All those days I was over my friend's I was enjoying the crappy food and all that, but I would manage to stuck some veggies and fruits here and there 'cause my body was like screaming for it... so as soon as I got home, I made my fav snack, banana with papaya and soy + cocoa + oats granola

                                             It was really delicious, thank you :) 

Guys, I used to have a really good trainer to help me with my weight training, but now I'm poor since I go to medical school in another country, so I have to improvise (which shouldn't be an excuse, right?). If any of you guys have an extremely good advice, you guys should download this free app from the Itunes Store called Body Fitness. It's amazing. It has over 300 different exercises. It explains how you do it and it also has a short motion picture with it, so you can see how it's done. It also has a exercise log, so you can click on the exercise you just did and add it to your log of the day (it allows you to put how much weight you did with it, how many reps and also any note you'd like to add). It's a life saver. I save all my weight training there... then, on the following week, when I'm doing like lower body training again, I check what I've done the week before so I can keep it up with it and can also mix up with something new, so my muscles don't get used to the same exercise (and I also don't get bored out of my mind).

ps. I've downloaded the Untramarathon man movie and Running the Sahara. It's breath-taking. For anyone who wants some kick ass inspiration not only about running, but also about life I absolutely recommend them. I have the links if you guys want to download them. (I'm sorry, I would love to help those people buy purchasing the movies, but they never manage to get pass the Ecuador line).

Ultramarathon Man trailer - Dean Karnazes. Running 50 miles, in 50 states, in 50 days. (does the dude rocks or what?)

You should also check Dean's blog. 

Running The Sahara - 100 miles a day from Senegal to Egypt.

You can check their page here.


Do you guys freak out when you're out of your schedules or routines? 

Sunrise or Sunset? 

Any inspirational books/movies to recommend? 


  1. Sounds like an awesome time with your friend. I think it's so great to just throw a schedule out the window sometimes and go with the moment...totally liberating! That being said, I usually stick to my schedule :)

    My vote is for the sunset with my love....and sunrise by myself.

    I'll have to think about the book/movie thing. I'm looking for the inspirational type myself lately :)

    Have a fab day!

  2. I don't know if I've ever watched the sunrise... isn't that ridiculous? But not as ridiculous as you never baking cookies before!! I can't imagine life without baking!! And yes, I'm a vegetarian and have been for over a year now. I never really ate meat to begin with though... less than once a week probably... so it wasn't that hard to go without it.

  3. OMG how come you've NEVER seen the sunrise ever???? I mean HOW? It just doesn't get into my head! lolol

    Well I'm starting to get into baking actually... I know, lame, but I've never had to bake in my life and my mom can barely fry an egg so you can imagine... I'm also really impatient so every time I'm cooking I can't help but pick all the time whatever I'm cooking and, by the time it's done, I'm totally full and I never get to eat it lol.

    Well, red meat isn't really my thing... like last year I might have had red meat twice only... I've been a vegetarian for about a month... the only thing that kept me from going was seafood. This I can't def live without... sushi is just my very fav thing in the whole planet and I would cry just by looking at it and thinking that I couldn't have it ever again ):


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