Thursday, February 17, 2011

Make it healthier, even if it's a tiny bit.

Hey guys! :)  Kind of a hectic week between mom, doctors, cousin... usual vacation style.

I tried running on Tuesday on a treadmill and failed (again). I ran for 20min and then did 20 elliptical 'cause I was so pissed at myself for not being able to run on a treadmill. I really need to either start convincing myself that I love it or start planning better my outdoor runnings. Summer is great, but it sucks too. You always have unplanned stuff to do and it's either too hot to run out or too dark. ): You guys have any ideas that don't involve me waking up at 5am? :D

So as you may know (since my huge ego told me everyone actually reads everything I write), I'm in Brazil for the summer. I'm staying at my sister's (she's 19) and my mom live literally 4 blocks away from my sister's. Yet somehow I manage to stay a whole week without seeing her. So on Tuesday, I was like "let me pop up there and say hello!" (I might have decided to do so on lunch time, I swear I just noticed it later). So since I made a big announcement that I was coming over and I thought moms really missed their daughters, I was hoping for some:


ps. My mom owns an tourism agency and she works from home. She's such a lady that she stays home on high hills. Man if I worked from home, I wouldn't leave my pajamas. Ever.

After I cried and slammed the door screaming no one loved me in the world (not before I ate, obviously), I went over my cousin's to see if she could show me some love. I was determined to cook a recipe I saw at The Hungry Girl's blog, but I really wanted to try it out with whole wheat flour and brown sugar. It might have taken me a couple hours to convince my cousin that it would turn out just as good. I don't know if she was convinced or tired of me whining, but she went along with it. 

Have I mentioned she's a killer cooker? Holy lord, she is. 

So the dough looked (and tasted, believe me) so yummy... 

Then we opened it up to throw a whole bunch of cinnamon and brown sugar.

And then it has to grow again. I'm so impatient when I'm cooking. Usually, I start eating up all the ingredients and, by the time whatever I'm cooking it's done, I'm so full that I can barely try them. Those 4 little cakes I ate while the rolls were cooking might have contributed with that.

Anyways, boy the rolls turned out GREAT! And to know that they were 100% whole wheat and 100% brown sugar made me even happier to eat them :)

The smell of anything freshly baked that has cinnamon in it might drive me a little bit crazy :)

I seriously had 11 of those. Oh and they were so tiny because my cousin has a tiny oven and because we were baking them all just for the 2 of us (those were 20 out of the 40s total we baked lol). There might be 5 left - or not. 

As for the frosting, we didn't use the normal one 'cause I'm not a big fan of powered sugar... so since we used brown sugar for the rolls and they were not extremely sweet, we could just do a sweeter frosting that it would be a perfect match. So we did:

1 can of condensed milk
1 1/2 T. butter

You just stir it until desired consistency. :)  (if you add cocoa powder, it becomes something called brigadeiro, one of the most famous desserts in Brazil, commonly eaten at birthday parties :) Have I mentioned it makes you reach nirvana when you eat it?).

HINT: If you guys are cooking 100% whole wheat, the best way to make the dough smoother is to add almost the double amount of yeast that it's asked on the recipe. Since whole wheat doughs are usually harder, you can get the smoothness you expect by putting on some more yeast. - hint by my aunt (take in consideration she owns a farm, gets her dairy and proteins straight from her cows and chickens and she cooks for over 10 people every day. Just sayin'. 

Are you guys addicted to any kind of food that you can barely smell it that you go crazy?

I am with cinnamon. My mom told me when she was pregnant of me, she had cinnamon cravings all the time. She used to put cinnamon into every little thing she was eating, weather it was sweet or salty. After she had me, she has never eaten cinnamon again. 

You guys rather bake alone or do like a group baking?

To be totally true, I'm kinda new into the baking department. My mom has a lady who cleans her house and cooks twice a cook. She eats out the other 5. I'm not sure if she knows the difference between frying and boiling. So I've never had much motivation to cook myself. Anyways, I like cooking alone. Even if I'm cooking to other people, when it comes to important decisions like what to put and stuff like that I have to say I'm extremely selfish. Probably a bad habit of living alone for so long. 


  1. BRAZIL!!! That is so so cool. GREAT WORKOUT....the treadmill sucks ha I am better outdoors too. THose rolls look amazing and girl you are gorgeous!

  2. YUM!!!
    Thanks for the chocolate tip!! I will keep my eyes out for that brand :)

  3. I wish I could smell those rolls through my computer! They look delish!! Thanks for all the tips about juicing... 2nd time will be much better I think!

  4. How cool would it be to have a application that would allow you to smell things on the computer? I kept thinking on that after reading your comment! lol


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