Wednesday, February 09, 2011


Well, it happened that I stayed this week 3 days in a row without exercising. Not because I didn't have the time (I'm on vacation), not because I didn't have where to train or run (I have a gym at my building), not because of the weather (it's summer here!)... so why then? That's the first time that something like that has happened to me since, well, I can't even remember since when. So that got me thinking about how did that affect me. And I noticed that, on those 3 days, I was extremely tired all the time, moody, irritable. It's like I was feeling guilty that I haven't trained and was punishing myself for it by sabotaging my own training. Weird, hun? So I got this really helpful book "MIND GYM - AN ATHLETE'S GUIDE TO INNER EXCELLENCE" and started reading it. Some quotes that have inspired me so far:

"You get what your mind sets. The mind works most effectively when you're telling it what to do rather than what not to do."

"Learn to use your mind or your mind will use you. Actions follow our thoughts and images. Don't look where you don't want to go."

"You can't control your performance until you are in control of yourself. What you're thinking. How you're feeling. Most importantly, your physiology. Know your numbers and your early warning signs."

"In sports, as in life, your future and success depend upon many things, but mostly they depend upon you. You have the responsibility to shape your life. You are the person who pushes yourself forward or holds yourself back. The power to succeed or fail is yours alone."

"While you can't always control what happens, you always can control how you respond to it. IT's not the situation but how you respond to it that makes the difference."

"In sports, as in life, the first step to success is getting out of your own way."

"Goals must be high enough to excite you, yet not so high that you cannot vividly imagine them. Goals must be attainable, but just out of reach for now."

Yesterday, I went for a ride. Only 30min ride, nothing too much, just to get me going. And, when I came back, I was feeling so much better, so much calmer... then I started looking into some running things, some nutritional stuff and I ended up finding a bunch of runners blogs, got really carried aways with all the amazing stories I was reading and I realized that I also had a blog which I barely use unless is to quote something I've heard somewhere. But wait, maybe I might have something myself to say as well, hun? So here I am, reviving this blog and hoping that I can finally get the balls to sign up for my first marathon ever. Can't. Wait.

As the posts go, I'll start telling more about my whole story. It's rather interesting for a 24 years old girl who's living on the 3rd country for the past 4 years. How all that changed and affected me never cease to amaze me.

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