Sunday, February 13, 2011

Procrastinating the procrastination.

Hello, good people around the world. As you can see, I'm in an awesome mood, but that just started after I basically dragged my ass off the bed at almost 8pm to run. Yes. I procrastinated it the whole day after PROMISING myself several times that I was gonna get it over with in the morning. Then I started reading blogs. Then working on my curriculum for some new gyms to teach after summer vacation. Then I ate way to much to be able to move. Then I ran out of excuses, so I went.

First, I had my usual breakfast (0% yogurt with oatmeal and banana). For lunch, I made myself some grilled chicken with salad... it was very filling... for 1h or so.

I didn't think it was normal to feel hungry 1h after lunch, so I was like wtf?, I'm gonna wait. Bad, bad idea. I was so starving out of my head that I started picking on every single thing I could see. I started with a french bread (a whole one lol). Then, those whole wheat nut cookies.

I might have had like 5 of those... but it didn't help. I stared at the fridge for like forever and I couldn't find anything else to eat (well, besides fruits and vegetables, which I love but not if you're binging like I was!). So I started eating (and this might actually sound really yucky)... powered milk. (?) Wait, let me clarify. It was not like I put it on some water and drank it. I actually got a spoon and ate it out of the pot. Go figure.

I don't know what the hell was in there, but it managed to stop me from eating.  

I finally finished my curriculum... I used to teach spinning at NYSC when I was living in Jersey, but since I've moved to Buenos Aires I only taught as a replacement teacher (mainly because I didn't know even how to say "hi" in spanish, so picture that as a hell of a good reason). Somehow, I liked how it turned out:

It's obviously in spanish tough (yeah, after 1 year and a few bad latino's breakups, I managed to learn the language).

Anyways, I went downstairs to get the key to the gym (the gym is locked, so you have to go downstairs to ask the doorman for the key) and he said "some idiot tried to go earlier and broke half the key inside the locker... no gym for ya today, sister". Grrrr I had this really awesome 10K planner I wanted to start today:

Basically, I was planning on starting on week 2 (since I'm 7 weeks away from the race), so I was supposed to ran 5mi today... but I've never paced myself running and I have no idea how to do that without the treadmill... that upset me a little bit but I dragged myself to the park (which, luckily is 2 blocks away), and the weather was perfect! It was almost 8pm, summer time, so it was still a little sunny... Then I started thinking that it was a good idea that I couldn't make it to the gym...

The park is basically 1.66miles, 2/3 hill, 1/3 flat. I jogged the hill part and then sped up the flat part. I did 3 turns around it, so it gave me 4.99mi (and I needed 5mi for my planner starter), so it was great after all! :)

(I desperately need to wash this ipod holder thingy. I mean, it smells from so far away that I don't doubt that people might have sped up a bit when they were running by me).

Then, dinner it was a gigantic sandwich with chicken leftover from lunch, cottage cheese, lettuce, tomato and cucumber) with homemade 100% pure mango juice. Heavenly.

Now, watching the Grammy's red carpet and wondering why I'm not married with some famous dude.


What give you guys inspiration to workout?

I read blogs of other runners, lots of nutritional websites and sometimes I stare at pictures of really hot guys and imagine myself looking really sexy married to one of them.

How often do you procrastinate?

Me? Every. Single. Day. Everything. I even procrastinate to eat, that's how bad of a procrastinator I am. 

Do you guys usually binge on something?

I usually binge on bread. I love bread. I crave bread. I can't live without bread. Give me bread and wine and I'm happy (how christian am I?). 


  1. I love running outside! It looks absolutely gorgeous out there too!

  2. This is funny---I know that feeling of procrastination. When it gets in my head, I can't start my tasks no matter what.
    I can easily binge on bread and carb-y stuff...but I try not to do it!
    My workout inspiration comes from reminding myself of the benefits...sometimes I have to remind myself a lot, and I also pay for a gym membership and make myself a goal for how many times I need to go so I am getting my "money's worth."

  3. Today I procrastinated EVEN more. I almost gave up and ended up didn't do anything, but a little bit of serious talk between me and my lil bud brain seemed to show results.

  4. Thanks for the comment! I'm glad it led me to your blog!

    It's hard when you get it in your head that you're gonna do a specific workout and then plans have to change... but good for you for making it work in the park! I have a hard time because I feel like I should try to workout earlier in the day, but I prefer running at night, after dinner. It's just not always safe!


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