Friday, May 06, 2011

When is it really time to stop?

One of the great things about running is the ability we get to overcome things in all aspects of our lives, not only running related. As we become stronger and faster, we kind of translate that into lots of other stuff, like relationships, school, jobs... we get that extra confidence that we can do this, that, if we try harder, nothing can actually stop us.

So, how do we draw the line between being upfront and just pushing way between our limits?

Last Sunday, I did my long run (almost 13K, focus people, I've been training for 3 weeks, my long runs are really short). When I got back home, I was destroyed. The run itself was amazing... it was pitch dark, around 7ish pm... and it's also fall here, so the wind was out of control. But overall, it was an awesome run and I did it in 15min less than what it was planned. Score. But both my heels and my right knee screamed right back at me. On monday, I took it easy and just did yoga. It felt pretty good and my heels were ok. But not my right knee. Tuesday I was supposed to do 5 sets of 1K. As I started warming up... I just couldn't. I did 1 mile and I stopped. I stretched a little bit. My running couch and the rest of the group were worried because, like my couch said, "for you to have stopped, it must hurt really bad". It hurt like hell. I didn't wanna tell them how bad it was, but inside I was almost crying. I had to hold back the tears several times... I stretched a bit and went for another mile but did on the trail to lessen the impact. It still hurt. I stretched again, trying to smile, but I could barely walk, it was really obvious that something was going on. So I convinced the couch to just let me jog around the trail for about 30, 40min and so I did it. 

Once I got home, it really hit me. I was depressed and started crying like no stop. I was so scared that it could be something really serious, like a stress fracture (knocking on the wood). I put ice on my knee and just sat here, speechless, imagining a life without running. My heart sinked. 

Yesterday, the couch didn't even allow me to do yoga; he told me to just don't put any pressure on my right leg, try to rest it as much as possible and lots of ice. And that's when the conflict starts. How do we know the difference between chickening out or being seriously injured? I'm a newbie, my fellow marathoners, so enlighten me. I chose to be smart, took the couch's advice and stayed home. The whole freaking day. It almost killed not being able to do even a harmless yoga class, but I guess that's the sacrifices we do for running, right? If it means I can run stronger and better, check me in. 

Today, I felt much better. I could still feel my knee, but I felt like I was gonna shut up and run. And I did. I was supposed to do 8 sets of 200m in 1:10min each, and ended up doing at around 41, 43 seconds each. Score. My running couch obviously almost killed me, but I just needed to get that extra energy out of me :) I don't know if I was pushing too hard, if I was trying to prove I'm not a chicken or a whiner, or if I was actually just using all the strength running has given me to go to the next level. What do you experts out there think? 

Sooo let's talk good things. Last Saturday, I went to meet the running group (I know, I don't have a life besides running and school, and I love it) and tchan!, there was a race going on. It was called DogRun and the runners were running with their dogs... 

I would totally run it to get that pink shit. 

Sunday, I didn't do anything during the day 'cause it was raining... BUT... oh yeah, you know I was gonna do this:

Sunday's sushi. I really don't know why I have always the same face in the pictures. I guess trying to hold the sushi and the ipod at the same time on the street with people watching is kind of embarrassing. Like I care.

I also got dessert duh but when I remembered to get a picture of it, that's all I got left...

Do you also think I should eat a little slower?

HEEY! If you had any doubts that I was in a running group (like I would lie about something like that), I finally got my shirttttttt <3 Now it's official haaa :D

Really guys, I'm accepting advices about posing for pictures. Also don't mind all the clothes on the floor, it's part of the decoration of the house. And sorry fellow brazilians if I'm wearing an Argentinian flag... I'm still with you guys for the World Cup d:

The greatest thing about being a running maniac? 

Extra-cheesy omelet with tomato and spinach, and some steamed broccoli, zucchini and eggplant. Probably serves 3 people, but I might have some kenyans possessing me lately and I've got to feed them well. 

How do you guys know when it's time to stop and rest? 

Are you the type that sticks to a tradition or always switch it up?
I LOVE to switch it up. I barely go to the same restaurant twice or order the same thing. Ever. Some things though do manage to stick around... like Sushi Sunday :)  When something turns a tradition in my life, you know it for sure that I love it BIG TIME. 

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