Saturday, May 14, 2011

How to get injured.

0) Do your own set of workout routine at the gym and put more and more weight every time you think you ain't feeling your muscles screaming in pain.

If only I knew I was destroying my knee back then.

1) Start jogging like 12min/mile and broadcast yourself to the virtual world as a runner.

Now you feel obligated to run, so you have something to talk about on the blog.

2) One month later, go on vacation to Brazil for the whole summer and do nothing but eat crap and pretend you're trying to run.

3) Leave your brand new expensive snickers on the back of the seat of your stepfather's car, so they can get stolen while you're happily eating at the restaurant.

Don't mention the foot size. I think I've been a 10 since I was 5yo.

Then you cheap out and buy the cheapest snickers available. 1 week later, when there are a whole so big that your small toe hangs out of it, you ignore it and keep running.

Really, Lyvia... really?

4) After the whole summer losing all your endurance, go back to your routine and med school and join a running group filled elite athletes.

5) When your running couch tells you to run 2K in 12min, you run in 9:40min and think you're awesome for that. When he tells you to do 200m in 1min you do in 45sec. With your baby toe hanging out of your snicker.

6) Notice a pain on your knee, but just ignore it and keep trying to run like the other folks on your running group who have been running for over 10 years. When it hurts like there's no tomorrow, you do the smart thing: you just move to the trail. For 5 minutes.

7) After weeks in pain, you sign up for a race and run it while crying in pain. Then you walk the last 1.5K like dr. House and voila! You got yourself an injure.

If it looks like I was in a lot of pain... believe me, it was worse. And, no, I'm not the chubby dude with the backpack and the weird glasses.

Getting an injury is serious business... it's not easy and you have to try really hard to get a big one that it will prevent you from running. And here I am, sharing all this awesome knowledge with you guys. The things I do for our friendship.


  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no. Not good at all, my friend, not good at all! Hopefully your recovery will be an easy, speedy one... and you have new shoes to show for it!!

  2. Ah, that's not good. I hope your injury is not serious, and that you heal quickly!

  3. @Laura: Thank you! I hope so too! One more week of this nightmare and we'll know! Gosh I'm impatient!! lol

  4. @Lisa: Thank you too, Lisa! Let's hope for the best! :)


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