Sunday, May 08, 2011

Preparing for the worst.

I've just got back from Rosario, a city close to Buenos Aires... as you may know, that was gonna be my first race ever (6K), which I was planning on running in about 29min. Ok, I ran it... sort of. First things first.

The city is amazing... pretty, by a huge river... we were invited by Adidas, so we got a private Adidas booth, with all kind of yummy foods you can imagine. I was talking with athletes that had competed in all sort of kick-ass races. Really elite folks. I've never felt happier. It just felt so right... I don't know if I can say that I belong there, but it just felt right to be there around them. The atmosphere, the stories, the experiences... I can't put it into words how I've learned just by listening to them telling me about their adventures, their expectations, PR's etc. They were mostly running the 6K too... but to win. And they so did. The top 3 girls were all from my group. One guys got the 5th post (funny thing is 3 or 4 guys from my group could have gotten between the top 5, but they got lost in the race when the 6K people needed to do a turn and get separated from the 21K folks, so that messed their times big time). 

So we got there and went to get our shirts... then hotel, get changed and do a light jog around the city... 

Our booth d:

Rosario's big symbol: the Flag's Monument, where they had their flag hoisted for the very first time.

I wasn't feeling anything at all on my knee. I've trained hard on Thursday and rested on Friday. I was so ready. 5min into the jog and I suddenly stopped. I couldn't raise my right let by itself. It just wouldn't go without me screaming in pain. I couldn't even raised like more than 5 inches that it would kill me out of my mind, a pain I've never felt before. I stayed behind the group, sat down and started questioning whether I should run the race or not the day after. I mean, so much training and effort putting into it, it was just so not fair that it would go all on waste like that. I was really freaking out... everybody was telling me not to run it, that it wasn't a big deal of a race anyway... but it was, at least for me. 

Today, I got ready for the race. I was already expecting the worst. When we got there, this view just totally killed me...

C'MON! How was I supposed to miss my first race, by the river and with THIS view? 

Inside the Adidas booth and the countdown.

Trying to live the moment and not think about the pain or anything like that...

Warming up...

...with this freaking view...

...feeling like this.

I kind of jogged 'till almost 5K and then I started walking. Like not normal walking, I couldn't put my right leg on the floor. I cried almost 'till the finished line out of pain, but I finished it. 38min, don't ask me how I've managed this. I have a doc's app on the 23rd, but I can't wait any longer. My running couch won't let me train this week unless I see a doctor. One of the guys from the group said he had hard times with his knee as well last year and had to take almost 1y and a half off from running. I think I died a little when I've heard that. He'll try to schedule an urgent appointment with his doctor, so maybe I can manage to go asap and solve this out for good. I need to know what is going on and I need to know that it isn't anything serious... and I also need to rest and try to be patient. This is in fact one of the biggest lessons that running has being teaching me. Patience. 

"If you build it, they will come", right? :) 

I'm open to all the positive you guys have to offer. I might really need some to keep my sanity this week. It's gonna be tough. 

A HUGE shout out to my pretty friend Laura who got in 2nd, even tough she missed the turn for the 6K for about 200m. She rocks big time and I wanna be like her when I grow up :) 

Have you ever being injured? How did you deal with it?

Trying to stay positive and finding really hard to do so...

chasing endorphin. 

PS. In case you're wondering, and I know you are 'cause I'm a really interesting person and you know my routine like the palm of your hand, I did go to get sushi today :) Even tough I had a huge suitcase, a backpack and a fucked up knee. As soon as we got in Buenos Aires, I hopped in the subway and went to Chinatown... I couldn't eat it there and get a nice picture, first because I wasn't mentally in the mood, second 'cause it was so freaking full that I just wanted get the heck outta there. Third 'cause as soon as I got home as I was starving that I ate it in about 5 bites. :D  Smart. Now I'm hungry again. 

Videos from the "race" (aka House style). 

Crossing the start line :) 

This part was SO cool... the tunnel, the music, the people singing... I wanna to sprint out of my mind and my knee kept reminding me I couldn't... 

When I started walking, House style. Except that I was crying in pain and had no Vicodin. Still trying to find out if I chickened out or if I did the smart thing.


  1. Ahhh! I'm sorry to hear that you have to go to the doctor! I've never had a major injury but I've had aches and pains that have forced me to talk a month off here and there. I can't even imagine how horrible that would feel so I'm sending you all of my healthy, positive thoughts!

  2. @Laura: I know, I'm freaking out! It's been 4 days without anything workout related. The horror.

    How did you manage to take a whole month off without going nuts? I can't stop eating! I can't study! I can't concentrate! I can't sleep! ):

  3. @Laura:
    Thanks sweetie! Wow you're my idol! How did you manage to take a whole month off without freaking out?
    And thanks for the positive thoughts! :)


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