Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Get ready for tons of pics.

Wow, how long has it been since I've posted... despite the fact I haven't been running or doing any kind of exercise, it still looks like there isn't nearly enough time to study everything I need. It's kind of frustrating. You give your all, you get bruises on your butt from spending so much time sitting and reading, reading, reading and, when you go to practice, it just seems like everything goes right out of the window. Med school is no joke. Next time you think about cheaping out on your doc, please don't. You were partying and living and enjoying life while he spend more than one decade barely seeing the sun light and living on coffee.

So, last Monday I went to the doc. I confess I was really scared and afraid he was gonna say "kiddo, you can never run again, your bones melted", or something like that. Instead, he examined me for 5min and asked for a MRI. Joy. He did say I apparently don't have any major inflammation, but he still needs to be sure I don't have anything going on with the meniscus or the ligaments. Oh and he also said that, if I plan on keep walking for a couple more years, I shouldn't be doing leg press with 220lbs on it. He agrees with my running couch that, since my knee doesn't hurt anymore, it was probably the stress of the weight training together with the increased of the running... and that I should just stick with running, unless I plan on getting a proper trainer at the gym (yeah, right). So I guess I'm leaving the gym - for good. I had a hard time convincing myself of this one, but I think I came to accept it. I'm looking into some yoga institutes, which it would be great to just run and do yoga - I'm fine with that. For the love of running, I'm willing to do it :)

So let's talk some positive stuff, shall we? Last Sunday, I went to Chinatown (duh!) and there was sort of a chinese festival going on... it was so awesome to just turn on the street and seeing all those stands and colors and dancing out of nowhere! I love, LOVE all Asia-related stuff (their language, food, culture, ancient medicine).

And the best part, my roomie went with me and she was blown away by all the goodies they had!

The market that takes half of my month's worth of money... I'm pretty sure I'm the one keeping that place running. They should like sponsor me or something.

This was a bread made out of... COFFEE. I know, bread + coffee together. That's just too good to be true.

Those ladies were giving a fruit called jaca in portuguese (jackfruit) for people to try it. I find it so funny that no one has ever tasted this fruit before, I thought it was so common lol. Oh those huge oranges I have no idea what they are.

... and what helps me to make it through the week.

My roommate (Damaris) tried sushi for the first time and she loved it. I'm so proud of myself. And does anyone know why I ruin all the pictures? (no, not YOU, Freud). 

It's ridiculous how much I love this place.

Something cool I couldn't really see. 

Kids, don't do that if there're some old ladies around you. They might think you wanna steal the coins that people leave inside the statue's mouth. Who knew I looked like a hobo...

And the weekly goodies...

Flaxseed crackers. Someone wanna to pluke my eyebrows for me? I'm paying.

How people manage their lives without those still amazes me.

Doubled-chia seeds bread. 

As you can see, they ain't out of chia seeds any time soon.

Carob walnut cake that I've managed to eat in one sitting. 

Ok, I'll spare you from the 384034 more pics I have here, you're welcome. 

I need to study. As a matter of fact, I haven't been doing anything else besides study, thinking I need to study, and waking myself up worried I needed to study more. The few hours I spend buying sushi are literally the only hours I've been spending outside the house besides school. I know it sounds sad (and it is), but I don't think it's the main issue. I think my biggest problem is studying my ass off and still not knowing everything I should be. I'm extremely hard on myself when it comes to education and I can't be ok with not being good at what I'm doing. So if I have to sacrifice hours and hours of sleep to help improve my knowledge, you better believe I will. But, see, the issue with med school is exactly this: you'll NEVER know everything. It doesn't matter how many times you read and re-read lower limb anatomy, you still won't be able to say every single muscle with its insertions, its arteries, veins, nerves and glands. I've been trying to be a little easier on myself, but, the harder it gets, the more it drives me into it. Maybe I'm just having a career crisis.

Have you guys ever felt like you were giving your all and not being fairly compensated for your sacrifice?

Which country you dream on going to?
Since I can understand myself as a human being, I dream on going to Egypt. I don't know why, I just do, it has always fascinated me. But I must say that Japan has a BIG place in my heart as well. :) 


  1. Lots of good pics and updates!

    I think running and yoga would really be a great combo...beat up the joints, and then make them healthier :)

    I definitely think school can feel thankless---it's one of those situations (kind of like healthy lifestyle) where the punishment comes before the reward. In order to reap the benefits you have to have faith that the process (school or the healthy food or whatever) will be worth it in the end---you have to want the results and believe you'll get them.

    The hard work can still suck though!

  2. @Lisa:
    Hey gal! Thanks for the comment:)

    Yeah, I'm still working on the yoga thing... since I left the gym (doctor's orders), I'm yet to find a yoga place... there's one literally a bloc away from my house and I haven't been there yet. Med school CONSUMES me.

    You're so right... in the end, I believe it will pay off (I HAVE TO believe it, or I would probably have killed myself by now for sure lol).



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