Sunday, May 15, 2011

Officially bored.

One. Whole. Week. I've made it. One entire week of no workout. Guys, it's killing me. I have spent one week without working out before, but because I was on the beach, or on a trip, or busy out of my mind... but this time, I'm actually stuck at home staring at books with ice on my leg.
I think I have OCD, hyperactivity, something must be seriously wrong... I have one more week to go before the doc's app and I'm already wondering how on Earth I'm gonna make it to 8 more days of this! You may think I'm exaggerating, but I swear I'm not. And my knee still hurts.

First, I thought "oh well, I'll have way more time to dedicate on studying", which was true, but 80% of this time I was actually sitting down, staring at the books and reading the same page 10 times and still didn't had a freaking clue about what I've just read. Man I'm so screwed. My mind keeps going on and on, I keep stopping in the middle to stand up, to look at the window, to clean, to do laundry... I can't concentrate, my legs keep moving, I can't sit still, I get bored out of my mind and then the worse happens... (wait for it): 

I can't stop eating!! I'm eating like I'm running a marathon every weekend! I sit down. I open the book. Ok, you can do this. I get hungry. But I've just had lunch! I get the peanut butter jar.

Finish the rest of it. No excuses now, let's go. I start studying. The terminal branches of the lumbar plexus are obturator and femoral nerves. So ok, the terminal branches of... of what again? I can't concentrate. Crap, it's been 10min and I can't read a freaking damn line! I get pissed. Ugh why are you so dumb, just memorize it already!! I go eat. Take this calories, you not-smarty pants! 

Whole wheat carob and oats cookies.

Deep breath. Damn, still hungry!

Flaxseed cookies.

Now that I have no more food, maybe I can finally study. Back to the books. Damn, I'm so full, it hurts! Still can't concentrate. Maybe I should take a walk to clear my head (of what if you haven't gotten anything in it to begin with?). Go to the bread shop. Come back. With more food.

Ok this one is just usual chocolate, nothing fancy about it. 

Maybe I'll just try a bite. Read a page. So terminal branches are: Ob... what was it again? Try to memorize. Still no freaking clue. Close the books and enjoy my boredom (and the rest of the chocolate, obviously).

This was kind of my whole week. I could spend 8h straight on that. I've had the least productive week of my whole life... 
So, people who don't workout: how do you guys do it? No, seriously, how? 

On the bright side...

Adidas, I love you. Thanks for sponsoring a newbie with a still unknown injury.

... and thanks Laura for helping me to get there! :) <3

I know, they ROCK big time :)  Too bad I still can't review them... one more week, people... one more week and the doctor will give me the good news that my knee is awesome, it was just getting used to the mileage and I can go right back into doing everything I was doing the exact same way :)  (and don't OH HONEY, me k?).

Do you eat out of boredom?
Please, guys, sisterhood here, don't make me feel so bad! If you don't, then lie about it, so I feel less weird.

How to deal with the stress of school AND the inability to workout?
Still figuring this one out...


  1. This is so funny (well, I know, it doesn't feel funny)----I can relate. I'm constantly telling myself to distinguish between hunger and appetite. Appetite hits in those fidgeting moments for me. When I need to concentrate but can't! There also might be something with the fact that you normally are getting a fix of "happy chemicals" from working out and since you can't, your body is looking for other ways to get a fix. Food really does cause happiness :) ...only it's less effective over time since overeating impacts health. Maybe you can find other ways to get some endorphins and serotonin! But...I don't know how, deep breathing? Could you do some strength training with muscles that aren't injured?

    Good luck! I totally ate a whole jar of sun butter in two days this week, so I am with you on this one :)

  2. Can you try walking or swimming or yoga for studying breaks?

  3. hahahahahahaha, as suas caras sao as melhores.
    Comecei a correr essa semana, vamos ver ate quando isso dura, haha. Prefiro andar de bike. :)

  4. @Lisa: OMG that's exactly what has been happening to me! Although this week somehow I've been managing to not pig out 10x a day (maybe just once or twice heh). I'm noticing I'm getting a little chubby, but, really, I haven't been going anywhere besides school and home, winter is coming so we're always wearing 8374983 layers of clothes, and I guess it's kinda been all hidden somehow lol. Maybe that's why it's been a little easier to deal with all the stress between studying and not exercising... I can't wait to get back into my routine, but I'm also scared of running for 3min and being totally out of air. ):

  5. @Laura: Since I had no idea what I had, I preferred to just rest completely and take the pressure out of my knee as much as possible... it's been 3 years since I don't take 2 whole weeks out of training and my doc said that I've made the right call! :)

  6. @Raissa: Ai, como era bom nossas andadas de bike, nehh? Lembro de a gente se perdendo SEMPRE, conversando de tudo... ain, ):


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