Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Real Jazmin Tea and job interviews.

Every time I go to a japanese restaurant, I always end up getting jazmin tea because I simply can't get enough off it. I've always promise myself I'd get my own teapot and make real tea, but it was one of those things that you keep procrastinating... not anymore! ;) 

I have 4 job interviews tomorrow, one of them as a spinning instructor, which I'm stoked about! I haven't taught spinning since 2010 in here, and I really missed the days when Jodi and I were making spinning routines together for Ramsey and Westood classes at New York Sports Club in NJ :(  One of our themed classes was an 80's class, and it rocked! You better believe that I did NOT skip on the outfit ;)

I obviously did not live in the 80's, although I reaaaally like 80's music <3

Time to rest up for tomorrow! Hope everyone had a great Easter (I had a whole box of chocolate, thank you very much) ;) 

ps. I have a couple of questions on my mail box and I promise I'm gonna come around them by tomorrow! ;) 

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