Thursday, May 20, 2010

So that's how it starts.

It's just a blog about a brazilian girl who had just moved from New York to Buenos Aires and is trying to find her own peace of mind. Nothing more than that. 

I'm feeling Times Square-ish today. 

Well, this picture makes me extremely nostalgic. I've been spending way too much time looking at my old pictures; either from Brazil, from all my travelings, from the U.S., from my friends, family... and it really sucks because I know that, when I go somewhere else (and I'm pretty sure I will), I'll do the same with the pictures from here, from right now... and I'm gonna think "man, I wonder if I've enjoyed it enough?". I don't know how stupid can I be to make a conscious mistake so... conscientious of it lol. But I'm trying. I think I need a little bit of order in my life. I mean, I need to sit with myself and have a little talk. I know I really love living independently and not knowing what's gonna be of tomorrow, but sometimes not even I can't deal with my lack of planing. 
I know I have one plan so far: I think (if I understood my teacher well) that Argentina is celebrating 200 years of history this weekend, so it's gonna be a huge holiday from Friday (05/21st) 'till Tuesday (05/25th) and I have a couple things in mind to do. It's gonna be basically me and myself, wondering around the city, taking pictures, drinking good coffee and buying some cool stuff. 

                Music: Kent - 747     

Thinking: "It is absurd to divide people into good and bad. People are either charming or tedious."
(Oscar Wilde).

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