Monday, March 26, 2012

Backpacking in Europe!

Wow, I know I say this way too much but how long has it been, really? d: After my cousins left, I did end up finishing the 30 day challenge, did 3 finals and headed to Brazil for my so deserved vacations... Let's start with that. ;)

13 days, 5 countries around Europe. Tons of walking and sight-seeing. One day, we (my aunt and I) walked around 25K... we'd usually stay around 15, 20K a day, so you can imagine that no running at all was making into my day, since I could barely feel my legs after walking from 8am 'till 1am... Although I wasn't doing any workout at all, all this walking around actually made me lose way too much weight, so when I went back to Brazil, I could relax a bit and refill my fat-cells with daily doses of ice cream ;)

The cities were: London, Rome and Vatican, Paris and Versailles, Barcelona and Lisbon. Total of 1789 pictures and the certainty that hell I really should really be living in Italy.

London was really awesome. The people are incredible and the accent itself makes the trip all worth it. The weather was gray and rainy, which sucked a bit to walk around, although we did it anyway ;) My aunt had a couple of friends living there, so they guided us everywhere, which is was good, because we have very little time, but also bad, because, since I didn't have a map or anything, I've missed a couple stuff that I didn't know what it was lol. 

Ahhh the food! I made sure to have local chocolate and local food at every single country. Although London's famous traditional food is "fish and chips", I've had a normal salad because wasn't in the mood for all that fry stuff together ;) 

Smoked salmon salad with a heavenly fresh backed bread all for moi ;) 

My aunt's friends also took us to a Turkish restaurant, which I've LOVED! I've never had Turkish food before, and I'm all about trying whatever food you give me ha ;) Also it was extremely chip and they give you a free entrance that pretty much fills you up lol 

YES, this is a free-entrance! I mean, best thing ever?

The main course... which I barely touched, because I was so soo full :(

And then we were off to Rome! I'm telling you guys, Italy is simply the most amazing country ever (saying a girl who went to one city there ha), but seriously, I really want to go back there a whole month and travel around the whole country <3  And yes, there's no ugly men in Italy. I mean, seriously. 

And the food... ahhh THE FOOD! The italians just... do it better ;) 

Well, I think I'll save the rest for tomorrow, so you guys don't end up with a cramp in your finger from scrolling down the page... now that's thoughtful of me ;) 
See ya guys with more trips, pictures and some peak into my race's schedule! I'm feeling this is gonna be a good year!


  1. That pizza looks AMAZING! It's been so long since I was in Europe - your pictures make me want to visit again ASAP.

    PS I love your Andy Warhol header - I have a print of the one that says "the idea of waiting for something makes it more exciting" and I keep meaning to frame it. Actually I would like to have a whole wall full of them!

    1. Hi, Stephanie! Omg, thanks! That pizza was really reaaaally delicious!! I've always dreamed of what would it be to eat italian food in Italy, now I think I can die happy haha wait, noo, I still need to eat sushi in Japan ;)

      Oh really? I went to a coffee shop here once that is all pop-art themed... every time I go I always look at the walls and imagine how surreal would it be to have that all over my room! <3


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