Tuesday, March 27, 2012

And back I am!

Continuing to my never-ending trip that really did end...

From Rome to Paris! Paris doesn't disappoint. I think I was amazed by Rome because, although I knew it was gonna be a pretty city, I had no idea it would blow me away the way it did... now the thing with Paris is that you already know what you're getting... And knew it would be charming, pretty, delightful and all the other adjectives you can imagine. So that's what I mean when I say that it does not disappoint. It is indeed the city of the blinding lights... you feel like you stepped out into a whole different world.

And... ah Versailles! I thought about all the History books and everything and to think I was like standing right there... was really surreal.

And... the best for last!

Ok, so I've heard enough about how bad the food in Paris is... and now all I have to say is: WTF? The food there is amazing! And you can obviously get food from all over the world! Of course is a little pricier than the rest of Europe, but we all already knew that, although we didn't pay nearly as much as we had thought! 

Croissants and the best coffee in the whole wide world for breakfast. I could get used to that. And, for dinner, I found a restaurant at Chateau Elysee that only sells seafood, but their specialty is... OYSTERS! Gosh, I was in heaven. 

First night, I got those cheesy oysters, beer and voila, unlimited fries!

Second night, I was obviously back there and got their most famous oysters with a cheesy creamy sauce... 

that Coke was obviously my aunt's... I haven't had soda since I was 13!

So then... off to Barcelona! I don't know if I had set my expectations too high or if I just didn't have enough time to walk around, but I didn't enjoy the city as much as I did for the other ones (it was actually the one I enjoyed the least!), but we've managed to have some fun! 

And it wouldn't be complete without... PAELLA!

followed with the famous spanish beer Estrella ;)

Ok and finally our last stop... Lisbon! I wasn't really in the mood to go there, I went because I wanted to meet a childhood friend of mine who's living there... but I must say: I freaking loved it! I would've switched all my days in Barcelona to more days in Lisbon for sure <3 

The very place from where Cabral's ships set sail and "discovered" Brasil d: 

So, if you've never had Port Wine from Portugal you don't know what life is. Oh, and also their Green Wine. Gosh, this alone makes life worth living. We also had an overdose of "bacalhau" (cod)... 

Green wine!

Ok, that was pretty much it! I hope I gave you guys enough enthusiasm to go out there and visit all these amazing countries... and more! ;)  If everything goes as planned, I might be able to hit Japan by the end of the year... now THAT would be just... priceless. 

I have some new insights into my running, which I should save for tomorrow because this post is already long enough d: 

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