Saturday, August 06, 2011

Running has saved me from myself.

Hello, peeps! Imagine this scene. Coldest month of the year. You wake up to go to run and it's 68F, sunny, bright... it feels like heavennnn! I twisted my foot a week ago and it was a little sore... and then again on Thursday, somehow I've managed to twist it the same foot again! And I wasn't even running, I was only walking with my friends after school to get some lunch... and then it looked BAD. 

I know, it looks like a baby alien ): 

Anyway, lots of ice plus two days on a row of cycling and upper body and you can imagine the results... I can barely raise my shoulders or laugh that it hurts like hell... (still worth it d: ). Today, as I woke up and saw this AMAZING weather, I couldn't help it and tried to run (on trails). It felt awesome. It was a little sore, like a bruise, but no major pain... score! 

I really should be studying right now, but Modern Family is on my way between the books and my gigantic will to get smart, so I'll just ice this little monster and relax a little bit before I start tracking down all the elements inside the thorax cavity. 


Just wanna leave a memo to this awesome people, runners and friends who have made me into such a better person each and every day. Your willingness is inspiring and all you guys put through to be able to be the best ones out there is amazing. I couldn't be more proud to be part of a little bit of it and I sure look up to each and every one of you and just hope that I'll train harder and harder to be as great as you guys :)  

What has inspiring you lately?
Well, waking up in the middle of winter with spring weather is always inspiring as you'll ever get!! :)  
But, lately, I've been really inspired by looking at old pictures of me and some really important people... moments are extremely inspiring. It's what you hold to when you're on those really dark days. It's what makes you come out and back stronger than you were before. Sorry for the cheesyness, the sun makes me like this. Cheers for moments!



  1. Oh my gosh, your poor foot! It's huge!!

    What inspires me? Well this past weekend one of my best friends came to visit and we had the best. time. ever. It inspires me to spend more time with her and the rest of my friends. Sometimes I can be such a homebody!!

  2. I know, right? Thank GOD it looks way better now... and no medicine required! (I'm a little freaked out about taking pills for nothing d:). Only ice ice ice :)

    Friends are SO important, right? I've been learning this day after day :)


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