Sunday, January 08, 2012

The cousins left and running with the sun rising.

I've never thought I'd miss my cousins so soo much :( They went back to Brazil today after spending 2 weeks here with me in Buenos Aires. The house is so empty and quiet, it's depressing. It was great having them around always wanting to do stuff, talking every night 'till 6, 7am, eating like crazy... family is family... right? I kind of had forgotten what that feeling was after not being home for so long.

My cousin Isaac and I a couple minutes before New Years! :) 

Frozen yogurt... seriously, this thing was so huge I couldn't finish it (now that's something you should take into consideration). 

Tales, the other cousin... touristing around Tigre, Buenos Aires. 

Moi :D

After waking up every day at 2pm, waking up early to get them to the airport was hard work. Since I was already up, I decided to go for a run after they took off. So worth it.

The airport is by the coast, which made my run a total blast :) 

And I got to see the sun rise for the first time in AGES!

After I got home, I thought I was gonna be boomed, but I was all high in endorphins, so I decided to enjoy the day and go to church. I was feeling a little sad and didn't want to stay alone at home like at all. I don't know what got to me, but the views today just kept getting prettier and prettier...

On my way to church :)

After sleeping all the way back and almost missing my bus stop, I made back home, ate a sushi my cousin forgot in the fridge and took a "nap" of almost 5h :D Now I'm battling if I should start another korean show or not. I've been dying to watch The Princess Man after reading the reviews about it... it won several awards in Korea as being the best korean drama of the year. I couldn't watch anything after finished City Hunter (which became my very favorite tv show of ALL TIME, either from the US or Korea or any other existent country for the matter - and it also just happens to have the hottest man alive as its protagonist (aka Lee Min Ho - or Lee Min HoT, if I may). 

Sorry for the random post. It's hard to have a blog which talks about nothing and, at the same time, has to cover my love for running, health eating, cult movies, indie music, japanese language, pop culture, philosophy, korean tv shows, asian bands, med school all at once. And since I can't decide which one I like best, all you have left if a lamesauce inconsistent blog which basically talks about everything but gets to nowhere.  There's just too much of myself inside of me.

This goes specially to moi, who takes even something like "my socks don't match" as an excuse to procrastinate. 


  1. I know the feeling----there really is Nothing like family! I forget that often...but having family visitors leave is always a reminder of that.

  2. @Lisa: I know, right? It's amazing the feeling, I feel like I could do EVERYTHING for them. It's amazing <3 I also take it for granted more often than I should... :(


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