Friday, September 16, 2011


Personal note: don't try running a half-marathon when you have the hardest test of the year 2 days after.

Woke up thinking I had plenty of time ahead of me, but as it turned out, I ended up getting there with only 30min to prepare. The weather was amazing...

Probably around 75F, no wind... couldn't have been any better!

Almost 15.000 runners! It was a major record this year... I think half of Brazil was here lol

Let me know if you need any help with making such sexy poses for pictures :) 

Finished it in 2:10! I was so soo proud of myself, I can't even start describing it... my couch was expecting me to finish at 2:20, so when I saw the clock I was like "wow"! I really felt the last 2K (the longest I've ever run in my life before was 18.5K) and, somehow, I've sprinted out the last K... I wasn't out of breath at all for the whole race, but those last 2K my legs felt it a little... still, when I've crossed the line, tears came down like instantly because I still didn't believe I had finished it... And I started thinking that 5 months ago I was wondering if I run a 8K without dying and look where I am now! Between an injury and 2 months without training, med school, gym I have NOTHING to complain about; I'm grateful and proud of my accomplishments this year. When I look back at this very same time of the year in 2010, I was such a different person than I am now... I was going through some serious eating disorders, I battled an almost chronic anorexia on my own without anyone (not a single person) knowing it (to date); I was dating a stupid guy who didn't give two craps about me; I was slacking on my studies and partying hard almost every day of the week. I still have a looooooong way down the road, but I can tell you that, from here, I'm only climbing upwards :) 

After the marathon, I had to HIBERNATE for 2 whole days to try catching up on my test... In 48h, I slept a total of 5 hours. I went to the exam expecting the worst of the worst... but, somehow, I've passed it! I was exhausted out of my mind, but the feeling that I had passed on the hardest test of the year was way too exciting... now it's time to catch up with everything I have on "pending mode"somewhere d: 

Thanks guys for ALL YOUR SUPPORT, you were truly amazing! 

Inspiration of the day:

Tell me the last awesomesauce movie you've watched lately! I need to catch up with the world lol 


  1. Ahhhhh! Congratulations!! 2:10 is absolutely unreal and you have every reason to be so, so, so proud of yourself!! You've come a long way and it's only gettin' better from here, right?! Right. :-)

  2. @Laura: THANK YOU! It was unreal for me as well, I'm still psyched about it! Races are all over the place now that spring is def here and I feel like running for like forever haha :)


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