Friday, June 10, 2011


I've been having some issues for the past 2 weeks. I had to much time on my hands and it was all wasted by complaining, sleeping, and being depressed. I was a mess. My trainer has been emailing me to keep up with what was going on with the knee and all that jazz, and so was the rest of the group. It felt really good to have all their support, but I wasn't knowing how to used it as a motivation so I could keep my hopes up.

Last friday, the trainer actually texted me saying he wanted me there Saturday night. Like an intimation. You bet I got off my ass and went there (apparently I like to be commanded. Maybe we need to talk, Freud). First, we did 1h of rehab exercises that they use on the clinics for injured athletes. Then it was time to run. You bet I was scared as hell. What if I can never run the same again? What if I can't handle to run for more than 1 minute? What if my lungs collapse? What if my starts hurting again?... and it went on and on and on. He said I should do 1K on the trail and see how it goes. He said to not worry about time and try to keep the heart below 160. Well, the first 10sec, my heart went 168 and if I started running any slower, I would literally have to walk. So I stopped checking it and went with the flow.

It was cold, but I was warmed up by the exercises. The sun was shinning. The park was filled with runners and cyclists. I've never felt so much peace in my life. I forgot I was running. Nothing hurt. Nothing bothered me. I was looking around me and everything was like slow-motion. The cold wind on my face, the autumn leaves all around... it was HEAVEN. I forgot what I was supposed to do and stayed in heaven for 2K instead of 1K and did it at 8:06. The trainer was so psyched that my knee didn't hurt that he didn't even get mad at me for overdoing it a little. I'm so back.

Let me see if I can sum everything that happened in a couple pictures (can you tell that I can't move my fingers to write because I've spent the last 12 hours making flash-cards and memorizing every single detail about the upper limbs?).
So, for the past 3 weeks I've been away from the blog world and...

...there were tons of food (literally), including this gigantic sandwich that I still can't get enough. Spinach, tomato, chicken slices and a cheesy omelet. Who puts an omelet in a sandwich? I do.

...fall has arrived.

...sushis were eaten. 

...Pirates of the Caribbean was watched and lots of alfajores de dulce de leche were (heavenly) eaten.

...more sushi made my life worth-living. 

...gigantic salads were craved. 

...running buddies were given the blessing of my presence.

...including the couch.

...I got to watch the group do their kick-ass training while I was in between my whole 3 miles jog. Watch out kenyans. 

...I got to feel extremely happy with those 3 miles. I mean EXTREMELY. Sorry if my face doesn't make justice to the feeling, I might have problems expressing myself with face expressions in pictures. very favorite food in the world got to make part of my life twice a day. Greek natural unsweetened yogurt, old-fashioned oats, banana and a mix chia, quinoa and amaranth seeds. 

...Su got to get her gift I brought her from Brazil 3 months ago. Sorry, Su! I mean, it's not like we see each other every weekend and get to hang and eat sushi all the time.

Well, peeps, that's pretty much all of it. I'm a couple days away of my exams and I'm freaking out (specially because I don't know what to expect), but I've been studying hard-core and I feel like I'm getting there. Been injured has taught me SO MUCH. Patience, moderation and not taking things for granted on the top of the list. 

And guess who's running again tomorrow... and the day after? This gal :D I might even be able to run like 5 whole miles. I know, I know, you can be jealous, it's ok. 

Have you ever had a major set-back from taking something for granted?
Lots and lots of time... the time I spend studying, the ability to run, the skinny genes that apparently run in my family, my friends, my family... but I'm learning, people, I'm learning. That's what matters in the end, right? :)

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